God Vs Science: Or Atheists' Biggest Mistake

I am not pro-any-religion or pro-atheist. No way. I am always pro-Truth. I love Gandhi's words that there is no God above Truth. Actually if God is, the words "God" and "Truth" must be synonyms.

I admire seekers of any kind who honestly look for the Truth trying to understand the essence of what God is and what to live for. At the same time I feel sad seeing well-educated scholars with multiple regalia reject logic itself in their attacks against God.

First of all, let's separate God as a singular absolute entity from religions and from any kind of spiritual scripts that described God from various perspectives. God and descriptions of God are different things.

If you are dissatisfied with interpretations of your religion, this approach simply would help you to understand what exactly you oppose: God as an absolute mysterious Creator of the universe or the religious interpretations of God that you have been fed?

It's normal that many of those interpretations now look illogical for a person who has been raised in a society where science is an unquestionable authority. However it doesn't mean that those "illogical" interpretations don't have any sense at all.

The problem with many atheists is that they confuse the basics: interpretations of God with the essence of God. This is similar to when people consume endless gossip about a celebrity and form their opinion of this celebrity based on those half-true stories. People might like or dislike the image of this celebrity, but often they don't realize that this image is not an actual person. Even more, this image can be very far from the truth of a real character of that human being.

Who is God from this perspective? Celebrity number one.

Who has been writing about and teaching of Him? Those who believe that they have personally experienced God in their life. For thousands of years these messengers have been channeling dazzling gems of information about our Creator.

Should we question their words? Sure, why not? It's a normal scientific approach to question everything. However, questioning doesn't mean mocking those who shared with the world their understanding of Truth.

How accurate is their information? It depends on how you look at it. For folks that lived thousands of years ago that information was accurate or logical enough to understand the basic ideas of creation like: This world is not chaotic; it's a dual reality that has order; it was intentionally created, not in a moment but through time.

Think for a moment: How would it be possible to deliver the idea of evolution as eternal development to a person who has no clue of science?

The only way to do this would be through a parable or a simple myth that describes the process of creation through several time stages, called days. For instance, this myth of creation was a genius introduction of the latest modern ideas of the world as an ultimate system that has inner logic, balance and cycles.

Let's remember that science is a bunch of knowledge of reality, which reflects the current development of human society. Two hundred years ago science barely existed. If to transfer modern science back even just five hundred years, it would be totally irrelevant for the people who lived those times.

In the same way, ancient religious stories are illogical for us when they are taken literally and transferred from that reality into the modern world of precise systems and formulas.

The life of any system in this magnificent universe is a process of growing, whether we're referring to that of a child or the whole human civilization, and every stage of development requires a different interpretation about what we are, what God is, what is right and what is wrong.

The point is to distinguish our interpretations from the actual laws and approach to any existing opinion with logic, honesty and an open mind.

When we do this, we come to the astonishing conclusion that we live in the reality of System Matrix where God is Absolute Logic, which at the level of feelings, we perceive as love. That's the moment when the divine mystery of the Truth starts revealing its magnificent beauty.

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