How to Talk to Your Ex Girlfriend Without Turning Her Off

Sometimes I think that most guys don't really understand just how easy it can be to turn off an ex girlfriend that you want to be able to get back together with just by saying the wrong thing to her. There are countless stories that I have heard where it seems like the guy really does have a good chance of being able to win back his ex girlfriend, only he ends up saying something that turns her off and once that happens, it's kind of hard to recover from that and get back into a position where you can still win her back.

Here are some tips for talking to your ex girlfriend that might help you avoid making the mistake of saying something that ends up turning her off:

1. You definitely don't want to probe her about her personal life since the two of you broke up with one another.

It's one thing to show an interest in what she has been up to recently and it is another to come across like you are trying to probe her to dig up some juicy gossip or sordid details. You have to respect the fact that since you and her have broken up, her personal life is hers and if she wants to tell you about it, she will. If she doesn't and you make it apparent that you are going to try really hard to get her to spill the beans, it is just going to end up making you seem like you are really insecure and that is not something that is going to go down well with your ex girlfriend.

2. You also don't want to rehash old arguments that should have been left alone a long time ago.

I remember talking to this one guy who was seemingly about to get his ex girlfriend back. Everything was going great and then, he brought up an old argument that they had back when they were first dating and next thing you know, they are arguing about that same thing again. Of course, that kind of changed things and he wasn't able to win her back and that probably would not have happened like that had he just kept the past in the past and didn't bring up that old argument that really didn't hold much importance in the first place.

3. Do not cast blame on your ex girlfriend for the end of the relationship if you happen to be talking to her and you want to get her back.

This is a big error to make and it can be quite costly. Casting blame is never really productive, but in a situation where you are dealing with an ex girlfriend and you know that you want to win her back, it can end up being the one thing that she holds onto as a reason for why it would be a mistake for her to get back with you. There is no reason to try to play the blame game with her, especially if you are trying to get back on her good side.

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