Party Favors For Your Holiday Party Decorations

A token of remembrance and gratitude were given to wedding guests of influential families as far back as the 16th century. These party favors have now been expanded and promoted to any celebration. You can now utilize them into your theme for your holiday party decorations, and your guests will leave with more than a memory of your event.

Party favors can be created or bought. They can be a novelty item, personalized, home made, or elaborate. Your gifts can be displayed, or wrapped in fun packaging as part or your decoration theme. Usually, these decorations are presented as part of your place setting at your table. However, you can choose to show them in other decorous means. Exhibit them on a Christmas tree at your Christmas holiday party, or placing your these mementos in a large basket at Easter are some other ways of having your party favors brought into your theme for holiday party decorations.

Your party favors can also be used as part of the entertainment. For instance, at a Christmas Party, use it as the gift exchange. Fill Christmas tins with a variety of baked goods, candy or other small tokens. Start the gift exchange with numbers written on a small piece of paper, and have your guests draw a number from a hat. The person who drew the #1 will start by selecting a Christmas tin as their gift. Next, the guest that drew the #2 has the choice of taking another Christmas tin, or taking the Christmas tin from the person who drew #1, and so on down the line until the last gift has been taken. This is a fun way to distribute your party favor, and your guests will have fond memories, and a Christmas tin as a token.

Gift giving, no matter how small the gift, is always rewarding, even with party favors. It thanks your guest for coming and celebrating the holiday with you, and your guest will be glad they did.

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