Stop Foreclosure and Manage Your Stress

We are a nation in deep water right now. Due to the economic recession, people are getting stressed out just thinking of how they can stop foreclosure before they lose their homes. According to USA Today, filings on foreclosures rose 3,157,000. And that's in all of 2008. Out of that three million, 1.2 million only comes from five states, mostly from Michigan, California, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida. If you live in one of those five states, you're going to really feel the hit -- especially Florida and California.

Whatever it is, many American homeowners are getting scalded already. And it shows. According to the statistics released by the American Psychological Association (APA), eight out of ten people rank economic recession as one of the leading causes of stress in their lives. If they want to survive, they should find a way to manage their stress. Here are some tips on how to do that.

First, distract yourself. The best thing to do when you are in a depressed or anxious mode is to do something different from what you are doing. For instance, if reading takes your mind off the problem, then do it. If knitting tissue holders are your thing, then make 10 of them until you fall asleep. Just do something to take your mind off the stressful thoughts.

Second, learn to surrender control. Face it -- it's uncomfortable not knowing what will happen next. It's part of our human psychology, and no more is this seen in what's happening with the economy right now. But learn to let go, and trust that you will be able to handle things as they go their way.

Third, get to know yourself. Sometimes, people get stressed out because they don't know their boundaries. If you're not a risk-taker, then don't invest in things that are too daring for you. It's plain common sense.

Fourth, make sure that you don't entertain your hot triggers. What are some common triggers around? Watching news about the recession is one. Reading about the economic downturn is two. Talking about it with people is three. This kind of compulsive behavior is toxic for those obsessive, sensitive folks who are already prone to anxiety. They don't need it already.

Fifth, do nothing. If your risk tolerance is really low and you don't have enough money to spend, you can relax and do nothing. Yes. Just let go and forget about the thousands of things you need to do at this very moment. Sometimes, not just doing anything can make the difference between being frazzled and being relaxed.

Sixth, make sure that you take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself means just that -- you treat yourself like your own best friend. Therefore, you give your body what it needs to remain in tip-top shape. So, you eat a balanced diet, you sleep eight hours a day, drink lots of water, exercise, avoid smoking and drinking. Apparently, your great-great grandmother's advice is really true, after all.

Remember, life may be difficult right now, and your plans to stop foreclosure may even make it harder. However, these difficulties can be easier to tolerate if you learn to manage your stress well. Be smart and start working on yourself right now.

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