What is a Blog? Defined

What is a Blog? Well, blog is short for web log and is a website that is regularly updated with content usually pertaining to the author's personal life or commentary on events or areas of their expertise. Entries are often displayed in reverse chronological order with the newest entries appearing on top. Most blogs also encourage a sense of community by allowing readers to comment on each article that is written.

The first blogs were started as personal online diaries. Livejournal.com gave anyone who wanted to the chance to spill their guts on the internet for everyone else to read. Personal blogs were really the beginning of the social networking (web 2.0) trend that we are in the middle of today.

Blogging is a way for anyone to get their point of view out to the world and actually be listened to. If you have interesting ideas, are very knowledgeable on a certain subject, or are just an entertaining read it is fairly easy to build a large base of loyal readers. Blogging is the most democratic way of spreading information available, because the people choose who they want to read. Instead of getting information just from journalists and TV news, people now have access to many other opinions and sources of information.

Not everyone believes that blogs are a step forward in information evolution. Classically trained journalists often look down at bloggers because; as they say "Anyone can get a blog and write about anything they wish". Since bloggers don't have the same restrictions and accountability that journalists have some people view them as hacks and rumormongers who only like to cause an uproar among their readers.

Whether you think bloggers are a good or a bad thing, the truth is they are here to stay. Nearly every industry has an all star blogger who shares information and insights that the regular Joe would never be able to get their hands on.

Making money with blogs is also a hot new trend. If you can find a topic that people are interested in and provide them with great content on regular basis you should be able to cash in nicely. Unlike regular static websites blogs can easily be updated every day. Most blog software makes writing a new entry as simple as writing a standard word document.

This allows people who are clueless about technology have a chance to make money with their own website. People are making money blogging about anything from basket weaving, to weight loss, and even teaching people how to make money with blogs. If you have a topic you are passionate about there is a good chance you can make money online by writing a blog.

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