Home Based Direct Sales and Running My Own Internet and Network Marketing Business

A dream job! Home Based Direct Sales.

I have never been of an idle mind, so I needed something interesting and something stimulating, if I were to work at home after my retirement. So, I was lead to the Internet to find something exciting and of some value. A Home Based Direct Sales is the way to go.

I always thought of the Internet for processing orders for stuff that you buy, reading e-mails from your friends, looking at funny videos, keeping up with what's hot in the news, paying bills and playing games. It was mainly entertainment, with a bit of business!

Under all of it, I discovered about 5 years ago, that there has to be a business out there on the Internet where I can earn money during my retirement as a supplement. I just needed to find the right one. One that would require a small investment, keep me mentality stimulated and of course make a few dollars. An Internet network marketing business that required doing certain tasks, some easy and some challenging. Finding a product, online that is consumable and that people want and need. So, I decide that a Home Based Direct Sales business was what I was looking for.

While working my 9-5 for 30 years, I acquired quite and number of skills. My first skill was getting to know computers. Wow, what a change! It was interesting and challenging. I also acquired great selling skills, which is a requirement if you plan to sell! I learned good communication skills as I talk to customers about their bills and offered need-based products to them. My writing skills improved quite a bit, also. You become quite creative when you have to write 20 appraisals for your team, at least every quarter! These should qualify as good internet and network marketing skills.

So, I figured I was off to a good start when I starting investigating on-line businesses, network marketing! All I needed to do is to find the right product and sell it. Well it didn't work out as well as I expected. There was so much to choose from that I chose them all. I spent so much money, that I don't even want to keep count. I was in one and out of the other! The next one was the one and the best one. I went from program to program, selling juice, clothes, CD, free websites, getting into matrixes, and affiliate program through clickbanks. I did it all!

To advertise, I used safelists, surfing, some solo ads and pay-per-click. I was on the right track, but as I would get closer to thinking I was doing the right thing, I would become impatient and stop because most of the time, I either couldn't afford the monthly free or the pay-out did not outweigh what I had to put in.

I purchased Internet and network marketing CDs, E-books, advertising software, etc. Programs from the best "Guru's". I attended the conference calls. I called myself learning and implementing the plans, to no avail. I just didn't get it! Why are others successful with these programs and I am not? But, I didn't give up. Always willing to take another chance because, I know it's out there somewhere.

After looking back, I found that I had a lot of internet and network marketing tools already and that I needed to learn how to put them together to be successful. I needed someone real and live to help me figure out the missing pieces of the puzzle. What I needed was a person who actually would talk with you, who is not trying to get another penny out of your pocket and who knows that you are broke and just trying to get off to a good start. I needed to network and find someone. A person who is successful and willing to share.

Who might that be, you may ask?

It's a good mentor! To steer you in the right direction of success! To help you work on the puzzle until it is solved.

I am going to finish this article after learning how to put my tools/puzzle together and become a successful Internet and Network Marketer, with the help of my mentor and when I have my first success story to share.

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