How Candles Can Help Increase the Love

It is not always easy to get one's lover in the mood for a night between the sheets, especially with the winter nights drawing in. The cold can really stem amorous thoughts, and so it can take a little more effort to get your special person in the right mood. Candles can certainly play a part in creating the right atmosphere. Some might argue it is the ultimate in mood lighting.

It allows people to feel relaxed in intimate situations because, quite honestly, the light from candles makes people look good - soft shadows and warm colours settle nerves and allow people to really enjoy each other.

There are a huge range of candles available, and all can have a big role to play in creating a loving mood for you and your lover. Smell is closely associated with feelings of intimacy, as the wrong smell can quite easily spoil an otherwise spicy mood. As such, there is a wide range of scented candles available which can help to lift the sensual mood.

It is something that can often be overlooked - especially by males - but is one that can have a superb effect. This way, candles can help boost various sense; it can help with the visuals - warm, inviting colours; it can help with smell; and if you have enough of them it can give out a great deal of warmth. It's not so good with touch, as you might get your fingers burned.

Floating candles are an option. These can either be floating in separate vessels; like a vase or a glass. They can also be put into a bath, ready for your lover to come home. Little floating candles create a magical atmosphere in the bath tub, however one must be careful to remove them before entering the bath! If you have a really big bath - such that owned by Cleopatra, for example - then you may wish to keep a few floating around for effect.

You may wish to increase the ornate feel of the loving environment, by buying some ornate candlesticks for your candles. This adds a feeling of grandeur - and of course all lovers like to feel special; especially females. They will be far more likely to entertain thoughts of a biblical nature if they know they are being treated with respect and that there has been some significant thought gone into the evening of love you have planned. If you are planning an evening of romantic adventure, then candles might be something to consider.

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