How to Make a Care Home More Like a Home?

There are times when we are not in a position to care for our loved ones all by ourselves, even if we want to. In situations like this, we depend on residential care homes to provide them with all the love, care, attention and assistance so that they are never lonely or feel neglected.

Even then, moving to a care home is never an easy decision either for the person moving in or their relatives. Adjusting to a new place can bring on depression, anger, loneliness and frustration. Despite the difficulties, you can make the transition a little easier by taking care of simple things that can make a huge difference.

Do a Little Research

Homes are managed and owned either by charities, private institutions or by the local authorities of a town or city. Visit multiple residential care homes in your vicinity to select the best one within your budget.

Look at the rules and regulations and rights of the patients. Find out everything you can about a particular home especially about the frequency of visits permitted. You should also enquire about the steps the care home authorities take or will allow you to take to make your loved one feel more at home.

Provide Encouragement and Visit Often

Staying at a care home and away from the comfortable surroundings of a home is not easy. Your loved one will surely miss their warm family environment and familiar faces. In order to make him feel more at home, plan your visits as often as you can.

Ask family members to help out if it is not possible for you to do it every day. Even neighbours can drop in and share some regular gossip.

If health permits, take him or her to nearby parks or shopping centres or maybe for a movie. Many care homes have options for entertainment. Encourage your loved one to participate in any form of entertainment which the home offers.

If she loves music or painting, you can bring her music CDs or painting equipment to while away the hours fruitfully.

Provide Familiar Objects for Regular Use

We all have certain household favourites that make us feel so much at home.

Ask the care home authorities if they allow personal belongings to be brought in. You can always replace the standard chair in the room with the one that your loved person used at home.

Decorate the walls of the room with favourite pictures or wall hangings. You may also place pictures of family members or bring in books to make them feel more comfortable.

Change the Decor

Many residential care homes will allow you to further personalise a room with curtains and furnishings of your choice. Pillows, rugs or a favourite cushion can somewhat alleviate the sense of loneliness and alienation.

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