Holiday Gifts Ideas With a Personal Touch

It is always hard to shop for the holidays, especially if you want to get something personal and unique for someone who already has almost everything. There are a few items however, that they likely do not have yet and they are pretty reasonably priced. Here are a few ideas for unique Christmas presents and holiday gifts:

1. Secret Book Box - a secret stash box made out of a real book. It looks just like a book, and can be stored anywhere... like on a coffee table, end table or in a book case. These book boxes are really cool because since they are made out of real recycled books, they come in a variety of different subjects and sizes. They may even be able to make one out of the gift recipients favorite book (if available).

2. Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle - You can get a personalized jigsaw puzzle made from a picture you have. Just give them the picture and they turn it into a unique puzzle.

3. Homemade Root Beer/ Beer Brewing Kit - Available in root beer and regular beer, you can buy brewing kits to do right at home. It's a fun project that more than one person usually ends up benefiting from and is an awesome activity to do with your family.

4. Personalized DVD - there is a company who will take the picture you send in and actually insert that person into their very own mini-movie DVD. Most of the examples show children, but it's fun for adults too. At a get-togethers with family and friends, it usually gets a great laugh and provides entertainment for everyone.

5. Monthly Gift Clubs - you can give a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Monthly clubs send the recipient an "item of the month" directly to their home (or office). They have things like beer, pizza chocolate, cigars, wine and fruit. They come in different subscription lengths to fit every budget, so you can just buy one month, 12 months, or anything in between

Whatever you decide to get, always remember it is truly the thought that counts. Remembering those who are special at the holidays makes them feel good year-round.

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