Satellite TV and the Rise of Lifestyle Programming

50 years ago the term lifestyle probably didn't carry the same material connotation that it does today. Maybe before it meant if you liked or played sports, of if you preferred baking over housekeeping, but in today's fast moving world, it means much more than just what you do. Now it signifies an entire way of life, specifically implying the brands we buy, the cars we drive, the places where we vacation, and how we recreation. Marketers target and sale lifestyles, not just products. The choices we make dictate how we are marketed to, and how we will buy in the future. Along with advertising campaigns and magazines how-to articles, satellite tv is full of channels encouraging viewers to live better, with more beauty, and a touch of the handmade. From the informative to the gastronomic, there is something for every lifestyle.

Discovery Health: When thinking of a life what is more important than health and vitality. More and more we are rethinking about what we put in our bodies, the chemicals we use to clean our house, and how our lifestyle choices affect our personal health and the health of our communities. This informative channel is less instructive than informative, but is the place to go for health and medicine-related topics, information regarding personal and family health issues, and a variety of enlightening series.

The Food Network: With a rise in the awareness of eating naturally and more organic, foodies are filling the airwaves with cooking shows shot in HD; shot so beautifully you will wonder how you ever stomached fast food. With fresh techniques, easy recipes, and cooking hosts as different as world-class chefs to restaurateurs to working mothers, there will be a recipe to fit every need and occasion.

HGTV: The Home and Garden TV Network takes its name from its magazine counterpart. As the name suggests, the priority to this media is the center of your days: your home. With inspirational interior decorating tips, landscaping projects, and a host of do-it-yourself ideas, this channel will keep you glued to your satellite tv... but only as long as it takes to get inspired to redecorate your living room. Get to work and let the experts help you spruce up an old closet, repaint an chipped desk, or reseed the lawn. With the economy tight, save a pretty penny on the cost of calling a repairman and let the experts guide you through a number of DIY projects for your home and garden.

Style: With your home and health taken care of and your dinner in the oven, the next thing to worry with is your personal sense of style. This channel makes it possible to take tips from the leaders of fashion, beauty, and entertainment. There are also shows featuring weddings and home decorating. No matter the specific topic, all series revolve around making viewers look better and feel great. With a number of reality shows shot in high definition, you are sure to get hooked on one of them, whether it be Style Her Famous or Dress My Nest. With an online site to accompany the TV channel, you can catch up on shows missed, hot shopping deals, and the latest in celebrity news.

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