5 Reasons To Use Associate Press Distribution

If you have spent much time thumbing through the newspaper you will find that "AP" is tagged on almost every photo or on every story. The AP refers to the pool of information and photos that has morphed "the world's largest newsgathering" known as the Associated Press. If you understand the Associated Press, you realize the value of getting your information publicized by them and placed in their collection of information. We will look at the value in Associated Press distribution by way of encouraging you to pursue seeking publication with the AP.

1. The world has access to you. You and your business are worth knowing about, right? What better place to advertise for you than the world's largest gathering of journalists and photographers? The Associated Press has a worldwide presence and to have your news published by them is hitting the public relations jackpot.

2. Rapidly elevating publicity. Not only does the world have access to you but the AP elevates that access quickly. If your news release is seen as significant and the Associated Press seeks to publish your news, you have just tapped into 1,400 different news agencies. Can you feel the gravity of that publicity? You have bridged networks that could take lifetimes to accomplish independently and you have bridged them in hours, days or months. If you release news and that news is published through Associated Press distribution, you will have a streamlined flow of publicity for your company that reaches the corners of the earth.

3. It is free! There are no charges to submit a news release to the Associated Press. In fact, there are even local regions that you can submit your information through and have it elevated by the AP all for free. The only thing you need to do is determine which regional desk to send it to and fire away (check the "Contact Us" page of ap.org).

4. It is an honor to have your work displayed by the AP. For those whose field of work involves videography or photography, having a piece of their portfolio published by the AP can be advantageous for your career.

It is not a coincidence that Pulitzer Prize winners have been AP photographers and journalists. The world senses that what the AP reports is accurate and real. To have your work endorsed by the AP gives you their stamp of approval and consequently a piece of their legacy.

5. Credibility. To have your news published with the AP is to have a level of credibility added to your work. If you are a small business, there is an added sense of legitimacy. If you are a big business, there is an added sense of accountability and transparency.

The AP takes seriously its reporting and is not in the business of entertaining the latest gossip and rumor mill. It is a historic society of people who value accuracy in world events and have no time for fallacious and inflated stories. Therefore, to have the AP publish your news is to have them grant you the credibility your business will appreciate.

There are probably another two-dozen ways in which the Associated Press Distribution would benefit your business but the intent it to get you thinking in that direction. If you are seeking to get the publicity you desire and the credibility you demand, diligently seek to release your news to the AP, your business can only benefit from AP distribution.

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