Getting the Most Out of Your Xbox - Top 10 Games

Xbox users seem to be particularly fond of their choice, primarily because of the great game selection available to them. Check the following ten must-have Xbox games.

Forza Motorsport 3 is a great game for those who love driving and racing. The game provides a lot of choice in terms of the type of race and the levels of difficulty. It also allows users to be very specific in terms of the design of their car. There are also options for playing online with friends or other random players.

For those who prefer action games, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a great choice. Gamers play the role of soldiers who are tasked with making the world a safer place in a variety of locations fighting a variety of terrorists and other bad guys. The game goes fairly quickly and it is possible to solve the missions in a short period of time. Multiplayer options are also available online for those who prefer to form a team of soldiers.

Assassin`s Creed 2 is an adventure game that is a sequel to Assassin`s Creed 1. It picks up where the original lets off. Users play the part of Ezio and direct him on missions throughout Italy. Part of the joy of this game is the realistic scenery, allowing the user to have the true Italy experience right from the comfort of home.

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, like the other games in the Grand Theft Auto series, is a favorite of car and adventure enthusiasts. In addition to the missions that must be completed in either single or multi-player modes, there are also a number of optional and side activities. Between the missions and the extra activity, this game can provide hours or days of entertainment.

Batman: Arkham Asylum will appeal to Batman fans and general fans of adventure games. In this game, lunatics have taken over an insane asylum and it is the players` job to stop them. In order to do so, mysteries must be solved and missions must be completed. Players can compete against themselves in Story Mode or against other players in Challenge Mode.

Street Fighter IV is a classic fighting game with the goal of knocking out the opponent. The more opponents a player defeats, the more characters are unlocked. There are several different modes of play and a comprehensive training mode will ensure that every player is ready to compete.

Dragon Age: Origins is a favorite among fantasy game fans. Dragon Age spins an intricate and detailed story of which the player becomes a vital part. More than just fighting and completing missions, this game is also about the relationships developed along the way. It is complex and draws the player in completely to the fantasy world.

Left For Dead 2 speaks to the zombie fans out there. This game is an improvement on the original Left for Dead and is sure to please those who enjoy fighting zombies in a surreal sort of after-life. The assortment of game modes and campaigns allows for a variety of types of game play thereby enhancing the longevity of the game`s appeal.

Borderlands is another adventure/fantasy game that places the player in an imaginary world where secrets in a vault must be released. As players progress through the game, tools and skills are accumulated helping to unearth all of the secrets. While the game itself is not always the most exciting, the graphics and sound effects are not to be missed.

Finally, for the sports enthusiasts, nothing beats NCAA Football 10. A very realistic football game, it is easy to play and a great option for those whose days on the actual field are over.

Above is just a mere sampling of the available games for the Xbox 360. No matter what a player`s preference, there are games galore for everyone.

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