Professionalism in the Workplace: Use It, Don't Lose It

It may seem like a no brainer, but, professionalism in the workplace is often overlooked and you may have found yourself in a setting where you noticed co-workers behaving in a manner you found relative to your 5-year-old child. It's easy to become comfortable and, with comfort, people sometimes find complacency. Carrying a professional attitude and image will not only help earn the respect of your peers, and leaders, but it is also necessary for career advancement.

Taking the time to contemplate how your professionalism in the workplace is affecting others is a great point of reference to consider. Overall, those who demonstrate professionalism in the workplace tend to display some of the facets listed below:

-They respect the time of others and value it - looking to ensure their interactions are rewarding and do not lead to circles of unresolved conversation.

-They follow through on, and live up to, their commitments. Whether verbal or written, they hold true to their commitments and immediately let their counterparts know if something has changed.

-They set a sound example by how they interact, handle difficult situations, and carry their attitude overall. They don't display extreme bouts of emotion when things don't go their way. Instead of making excuses, they search for solutions.

-They complete deadlines when expected, take their work seriously, and give 100% effort in their business.

-They are honest, upfront, and respect others -they don't engage in gossip, poor behavior, or take advantage of others.

-They listen, support others, and are positive in their approaches - they are genuinely happy to see others succeed, lend a hand where possible, and are team players.

Sounds pretty direct and simple, yet, in settings where these items don't exist productivity levels are lowered, as is motivation and effort. I've always told teams that I've trained to keep the personal business at home, giving yourself a break from it while at work. When in the office, focus on the tasks at hand and look out for your career - if you are genuinely displaying the items mentioned above, your chances for career advancement are much greater, versus someone who exemplifies the exact opposite. In addition, a lack of professionalism can mar your reputation, which will affect your chances for future advancement and growth. All in all, be yourself, and keep the aforementioned items in mind. You deserve a thriving and amazing career; don't allow slips in professionalism to hinder that.


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