Who Am I to Shoot for Something MORE?

I got an email from a old colleague yesterday. He said, "Hanging in cubes doing finance must seem like ages ago!"

It took me back. The days when I used to walk hallways with manila folders, attend board meetings, and participate in office gossip and politics. The days of being told that rather than be myself, my behaviors needed to match and fit into the company's "values" and "traits". The days of in-house faulty reporting systems, emailing with financial assistants in India, and term sheet reading for the commute home.

I remember one day talking with another young women colleague outside her cubicle - we were working on a deal that was financing a cosmetic company. The company was started by a young women about our age and her company was now asking for hundreds of millions in funding to expand the business.

Both of us were like - Why didn't we go that route? Do something fun and creative and live a prosperous life?

Instead, we were stuck in cubicles pushing papers for the big players in life.

Deep down there was a part of me that always felt I was supposed to play big. But the voice in my head would say "Who am I?" Who am I to do something different, creative, make a difference, live an abundant lifestyle?

My parents after all came from country farms in Ireland. They immigrated to the States for more opportunity and to be able to provide us with greater education and ultimately, better job opportunities.

In the most loving way, the opportunities they dreamed for us looked like stable, secure, well-paying jobs with benefits and pensions.

Who was I to shoot for something more?

Throughout the years in the deepest part of me, I knew I had the ability to do something BIG. Have a big impact. Change the world somehow. Call me a dreamer, but it's always been in me.

This year my visions got even bigger. More money, more love, more travel, more students, more readers.

Yes, the last few years I've had a pretty big amazing life - Traveling around the world, completely changing my life's work, living abroad - it's not something everyone gets to do, or even wants to do. Some people just want the simple, secure, traditional path. That's awesome. There's nothing wrong with that. But it's not me.

I'm talking about stepping it up a notch. Listening deep down to the message you have to share with the world. Starting a blog. Or your own biz. Traveling to a country you've never been and staying awhile. Having the most wild romantic love affair that lasts. Actually believing you can make (and deserve to make) as much money as you wish to have.

If you're anything like me there's doubt. Almost always. I'm not immune. I have to work at it. There is still a voice in my head that says that I have to financially struggle. That life is tough. It's hard to find a good man and true love. That writing a book is daunting. That I can't write. And who am I to write a book anyway?

But these are all mental patterns that keep us stuck playing small. Notice them. Challenge them.

So, I digress. Back to the old colleague and his email to me - He said he resigns to his passions in his free time in the burbs. He said even though he's stayed in the traditional job path he's always had the feeling that there had to be more.

He's right. There is more. For some people, the traditional job is good enough. But for many of us, probably you who is still reading, you know there's more. More opportunity for adventure, love, happiness, wealth, and purpose. So, what are you waiting for?

It's time.

Step in.

Play big.

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