6 Things You Should Do If You Want Your Ex to Feel Inner Desire For You Yet Again! Know This Now

Use one or more of these easy mind tricks to get your ex back fast. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain!

o Be polite...Act as if it all happened for good: When you run into your ex - and it's obvious you will eventually - be polite. Let them see you are the better person. Don't make a scene or blurt out the ugly and sarcastic remark that's on the tip of your tongue.

By showing your best manners you are letting your ex know that you aren't holding a grudge. They will really appreciate your level of maturity and will surely begin to wonder if they did the right thing when they left you.

o Look your best...As if you already have someone else to entertain: Put on the sexiest and classiest outfit you have. If you don't usually have these type of clothes then go out and get some.

Your ex will be totally blown away when they see you with that fashionable suit or dress and the hip new hairstyle. They will feel their eyes have been opened and will fall back in love with you.

o Don't talk trash about them: When you are out with friends or coworkers the inevitable question will come up: "Why did you break up?"

Use this opportunity to show everyone that you are mature and respond calmly. Do not start babbling about how they mistreated you or that they are just crazy and stupid.

Let everyone see that you have only good things to say about your ex. That is sure to be news to them - and they will definitely find out soon enough. They will wonder if they misjudged you and will start to make a move to get in touch with you again.

o Don't settle for "just friends": Once you are on speaking terms with your ex, make it clear you are in it for keeps. No settling for "friends with benefits" or "just friends".

If you give your ex the chance to be only friends they will have the pleasure of your company without the responsibilities or duties of a real couple. If they get used to this, you will become a toy and they will never commit. Don't go there.

o Flirt, flirt, flirt: hit the dating scene again and start flirting with other hot singles. Watch your ex squirm in their seat as they watch you dance the night away with someone else!

o Have a lot of patience...Things don't change overnight: Remember, it's like starting over again. So, be patient and wait for your ex to react and realize there's no one better than you for them.

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