Do It With Passion

We all want to be popular. We all want to be idolized or admired by the people around us because it uplifts our lives and it greatly boosts our confidence. There are helpful tips which you can add to your list as your guide on how to earn popularity.

What are characteristics of the popular boys and girls and what do they usually do? Most of them are athletes, class officers, artists, advocates, television personalities, and those who were planning to be professionals someday. In order to be like them, you should open up yourself to people from all walks of life. This is also one of the best methods in order for you to easily adjust yourself and be approachable. There is always the good side and the bad side but the good side lasts a lifetime to be given the recognition of being popular. Learn to listen to their fears and to what they know. If they think that they are inferior, then give them the best advice that you can give for them to become better.

Don't limit this opportunity that you have only in your place or only to those people who knows you. Learn to reach out and influence them to be like you since you have the capability to do so, and because they will surely listen to you. Don't keep your abilities to yourself for it will be the reason of your slow progress and it will pave the way to make people hate you.

Don't have one set of manners for the people you want to make time with and another set from everybody else. It may cause favoritism towards the other who will be given less time and less opportunity. Think of ways to make others feel important. Don't spoil a certain person with your attention. Balance your time and if possible, set a schedule to avoid having conflicts with others.

Learn to admit your mistakes. There is nothing admirable than the person who can accept his or her failures or mistakes because it proves that the popular person knows how to be humble and could accept rejection or failure. Don't laugh at other people and place yourself in their situation. If you have an exclusive group, know how to love each one of them and don't do some expulsion. Let your friends know that you are always there for them. Make compliments towards others for it is the surest way to uplift them.

Work or volunteer on various community projects and institutions in your place or in your country. You may not only get the popularity but you will also definitely enjoy the pleasure of helping other people and being part of the various communities.

Learn to fight without losing your dignity. If people continues to bash the sensitive issues in your life like your religion, your family, your studies or your whole life, do not be afraid to fight for it without being violent or aggressive. Get out of the mentality of winning or losing. Know how to defend yourself properly to be respected. Be a sport. You should accept your fate and you should not assume winning in every battle. Through this, you will be prepared to either lose or win as if you're used to it.

Learn to play some musical instrument. If you are a member of a band or an orchestra, then it adds up to your popularity points. People love music and they will surely admire those who play or compose it.

Don't be afraid to start a fad or fashion. If you are a fan of the fashion industry, then walk out there and show the world what's new and what's not. Be it weird or not, at least you followed your passion and had contributed your ideas for the invention of new fashion trends. On the other hand, others also admire people who dress out as simple but elegant for some finds it intimidating for fashionable people to get along with.

Always think positive and act as if you're always having a good time. This advice is for you to avoid too much stress and to produce good or satisfying results in everything that you do. Make a list of bad habits and try to overcome them. Doing this will also help you realize what are the activities that you should continue or eliminate in your schedule. If it causes you too much stress or it isn't that helpful in your development as a brilliant individual then it is already time to erase it your list.

Be strong and independent. This is a difficult thing to do for most people. Learn to live life on your own and you will surely realize that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. As early as possible, be a good problem solver and train yourself on what you wanted to be someday without the assistance of the people who cares for you for they are always there but you can never learn. No man certainly could live alone but this time, make it sure that you know how to handle yourself for every popular person should possess this trait.

Know sports and cars. A lot of teenagers are fond of playing sports like basketball, volleyball, swimming, and etc. They are also a fan of cars especially sports cars. Be familiar with these things and you're on the right track to meet its fans.

Showcase your talents. Do not be afraid of what others might think of you. Stand up and let the world know what you've got. God has given you wonderful talents and skills to be shared to other people. You may think that you're still not good enough but at least you've tried your best. Nobody is perfect and we all have flaws. People will come to appreciate you if you do appreciate them also and continue doing your passion at its finest. Get in the stage and sing or dance like crazy and be yourself.

Make compliments towards others. Don't forget to appreciate them no matter how crazy or weird they are. It will surely change their world and it will make their days look great. They will develop positivism towards themselves and they will be motivated to look and feel better.

Don't pile on make-up an inch thick on your face. As much as possible, wear it only if needed. Boys are scared with all that junk. It will make you look better but wearing it all the time will cause some damages in your skin and it may easily be the reason for fast aging.

Practice good manners and etiquette. People will judge you with how you act whether you are graceful or not. They will respect you if you possess good manners and right conduct in all situations. You can do a lot of good things but a single rude or disgusting action would ruin it all. Read books that will keep you inform about proper etiquette in speaking, eating, greeting, and others.

Don't brag and gossip. People dislike people who talk behind their backs. Be a true friend who is honest and trustworthy. Be humble and don't be arrogant with your achievements or what you have and others don't. Everybody is unique and so it is just to be silent no matter how huge you have grown or how popular you are. Do not do to others what you don't like them to do to you.

Study hard because people are impressed with brains. Educate yourself with a lot of things. Balance your time and improve your study habits. Sophistication contributes a lot to popularity.

Be proud of your parents and introduce them to your friends. This will improve your relationship towards them and people will be inspired at you for had been a good son or daughter to your parents. You will become a role model to your friends and to your fellow youngsters.

Look prim and proper at all times. Arrange your things properly and also yourself. If you have time, help your family with the household chores and clean your house. People will imitate this amazing habit of yours and will serve as an exercise for you at the same time.

Don't be trying hard to please anyone. The best way to impress other people is to be you. Everything should come out naturally from you and people will appreciate your outer and inner beauty. Show to everyone what you've got but just do your own thing and as much as possible, it is still better to not set a goal to impress anyone. It is the best way also to prove if they are being faithful to you or not. You will know who your true friends are and others will accept you for who you are.

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