How To Tell If You've Been Friend Zoned

For those of you who are not sure if you are in the friend zone, here are some helpful hints. Don't be in denial about being in it either. The sooner your realize it, the sooner you can escape the friend zone.

1. Know the language

What does this mean? She wants to set the boundaries of her connection to you by letting you know that you are a friend, a bro, or a bestie. She is neutral with her language which could be intentional or non-intentional. She might like you but she does not want to risk the friendship in which she is very comfortable in.

It can be complicated to understand the language of women when it comes to friendship and romance. They sometimes are very subtle and some times, quite vulgar and will make you feel that you do not stand a chance with them on a romantic relationship.

Learn how to listen to the cues. If a woman calls you a best friend, a good friend, buddy or other terms of endearment that are neutral or similar to what she calls her brother, then you should take the hint.

She always makes it neutral when she talks to you or when she talks about something romantic, it is always about another person, a movie, a novel or some other thing except you. When she talks about romance, you might feel awkward and confused, and often times, that is just how a guy in the friend zone often feels.

2. Too comfy to tell about issues at work, or worse, other men

She has become too comfortable with you about the most random things and she is not willing to be romantic with you. She could still get attracted to you but she is not willing to open Pandora's Box. She might also have another love interest and is oblivious about your feelings.

She might be interested about talking to you about many things: in fact, far too many things. Some discussions could be nice discussions over tea or lunch, or even a snack, but never discussions worthy of being discussed over dinner or breakfast. She talks about the bitch at work or at school, or if she found a nice piece of furniture or a handbag.

She is also more than happy to spill some beans about some family gossips. In the most blatant case of friend zone, the girl might even talk to you about other men.

She is very neutral when it comes to discussions about relationships. She talks about men opposite your qualities and she deviates from discussions that could pertain to both of you getting romantically linked.

3. She becomes way too comfortable

There is too much comfort, meaning no sexual tension between the two of you. She is not challenged by you mentally and emotionally. She became too comfortable since you did not set boundaries as to what your friendship actually meant.

You made her unreachable on her friendship pedestal that she could not get out of that mentality. You have set the boundaries by giving in to her wants and needs and that left you with nothing more but the friendship that you cherished too much.

  • She is willing to invite you to her home or apartment with your friends and family knowing about it. You are her best friend, and you will definitely not do anything crazy or weird. That is what she thinks, and what others think.
  • She does not mind if you see her face half made up or her hair in rollers. She does not mind that she is not yet perfect for the occasion and she sees you. It is not that she does not care about her looks. She just does not care how you would react anyway.
  • Nevertheless, she also does not mind getting praises from you. She wants you to see her in her dress before she gets out of the house for the night out.
  • She also does not mind telling you that she is grumpy because she has her period and would appreciate if you would hang out and accompany her while she vents her emotional drama. You are her "friend" anyway so you are obliged to be her best friend during the hormonal moments of her life.
  • She invites you to a movie night and sits at the other end of the sofa or the other end of the room. She likes you around, but not too close for you to think of some crazy thing.

4. She cares too much about the friendship

She feels like you have been a precious person to her life equal to that of a best girlfriend. She is not willing to shift her feelings since her perception of you might change.

  • When you bring up your emotions or she is getting a hint of what you want to tell her, she brings up the friendship statements.

  1. I don't want to risk our friendship
  2. You are like a brother to me
  3. You are such a precious dear friend and I would never want that change ever.

  • She makes you feel like are always part of the group and that means she is not interested about being intimate. She also dismisses jokes and laughs about it in front of you.

5. She could be just leading you on

This is common amongst attractive and charismatic women. She looks beautiful and you might think that she is attracted to you since she is being nice to you. When a pretty woman becomes too nice to you, a man might feel that she is trying to reach out to him in a much deeper level when in fact, she might just be very nice or sympathetic about you.

In certain cases, they do this to boost their ego or just have a little fun which is not fair to those guys who might be really feeling something much deeper than that. If you are in that situation, it would be best to move on. To find out how to turn the tables, you can always try and make her jealous, this might work for your situation.

6. You become the stereotypical "nice guy"

Women pass up on men who are easily controlled and are too giving. How can you give them any emotional or sexual tension if you do not set boundaries? If you give too much and offer it to that girl like she is the only woman in the world, she will easily get bored and unchallenged.

Being a nice guy is not a bad thing, but always keep a layer of mystery and appeal so that if you approach a woman, she will feel that she needs to know more about you way beyond the friend zone.

The friend zone is something that men experience every now and then but it can get difficult to get out of that rut if you are too attached to your emotions for that person. You should not feel like you are a loser if you have been friend zoned.

Sometimes, it just happens. You have to learn from your mistakes and experiences and become more aware about what women desire from a man whom they want to get serious with. It is always about the tension, the push and pull, giving something, but always leaving a mystery. Being nice, but also hinting a more interesting for her to explore. Sharing, but not giving everything to her.

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