Quick Fix Solutions For Home Buyers

There is a lot of annoying problems that may put a damper on the initial excitement you might have once you get yourself settled in your dream home. Thus, it is essential that you learn some quick fix solutions to these most common problems that you might encounter in your home. You don't have to hire the services of professionals every time you encounter problems in your home as you can resolve majority of these domestic issues on your own.

Squeaky Flooring

Have you had encountered problems with squeaky floors in your home? You don't have to endure that annoying sound any longer and cringe each time you hear that tell-tale sound. In fact, this is one of the easiest problems to solve. A simple application of graphite powder along the seams of your flooring can eliminate the squeaks you hear in your flooring. As soon as the graphite powder fills the gaps in the floor, the squeaky sound will stop. On the other hand, if this does not solve the problem, try using finishing screws and nails to reduce the gap and eliminate the movement in your flooring. After doing this, fill the remaining space with wood filler.

Clogged Bathroom Sink

In most cases of clogged bathroom sink, you don't have to hire the services of a plumber. Simply remove the assembly found at the back portion of your sink by unscrewing the ball and socket component. Remove the long rod and the stopper. This will automatically release whatever material or debris that are lodged in this part of the plumbing. Thoroughly clean and reassemble the components of your sink.

Unsightly Scratches in fine Woodwork

You don't have to sand and re-stain the woodwork in order to remove those scratches and restore its fine surface finish. You can eliminate those fine but unsightly scratches by simply applying a thin coat of polishing compound such as Briwax.

Loose Set Screws

Set screws found in a lot of home fixtures tend to loosen up over time. This problem usually affects set screws of doors, cabinets and even door knobs. Simply apply locktight adhesives on the set screws to prevent them from loosening up. If the screw threads are already stripped, wrap it with cotton thread following a clockwise direction before you reinsert it.

Unpleasant smell

In most instances, the carpet or furniture may be the source of unpleasant smell inside your home. You can instantly remove the foul odor by pouring a small amount of vanilla extract onto the filter of your furnace. The fresh scent can then replace the foul smell once the blower sucks in fresh air inside the home. This is a practical technique that you can use especially if you regularly entertain and allow prospective buyers to check the interior of your home.

Wobbly Chair Legs

Guests falling off a shaky chair because of wobbling chair legs can be one of the most embarrassing and dangerous incidents that may happen in your home. Gluing back the stretcher can immediately solve the problem and prevent such mishaps from happening. Simply apply a carpenter's glue with slow-setting properties. Clamp down the affected chair legs and allow it to set for at least 12 hours.

Noisy Fan in the Bathroom

The rattling sound emanating from your bathroom fan may indicate a more serious underlying problem although, in most cases, it can also be due to simple problems such as a loose fan cover. If such is the case, then you can easily resolve the problem. Switch off the circuit breaker before you start your work on the bathroom fan. Remove the fan cover and bend the hinges until it grips tightly onto the ceiling.

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