Make Your Home More Attractive And Safer - With Outdoor Accent Lighting

There's no other time of year quite like springtime. The birds are singing, trees and flowers are in bloom, the days are getting longer... and the weather is getting warmer.

That means it's time to get out and enjoy that nice weather. And what better way to take advantage of your home's "extended living space" (e.g., porches, patios and decks - even your back yard) with friends and family than with some relaxing outdoor living?

As the carefree days of summer turn into sultry nights ripe for adventure and entertaining, make your deck or patio a more inviting place for guests. Spending time outdoors is so much nicer when there's a welcoming atmosphere! Try installing new accent lighting to brighten the place up. It'll give your outdoor surroundings a whole new look - and give you a whole new outlook on your home at the same time.

You might want to consider some landscape lighting, too... to light your way back to the house after a jaunt out to the hot tub or an evening swim in the pool.

And keep in mind: These little "sprucing-up" touches don't have to blow your entire spring home-improvement budget. A few well-placed outdoor accent lights can add precisely the right ambience to your outdoor parties.

But exterior lighting isn't just decorative - or merely useful for recreational purposes; it's also highly functional. Given the rash of home invasions that have been so prevalent in the news these days, it's more important than ever to keep your loved ones safe. Don't let your family get caught by surprise by a potentially dangerous prowler. Make your home safer by installing motion-activated lights around the outside of your house.

For safety's sake, light up any walkways or other approaches to your home; and be sure to illuminate the rear perimeter. You may also want to consider training spotlights on the driveway and garage, as an added security measure. Plus, if you've got a breezeway or an enclosed porch, be sure that area is well lighted, too.

A few simple touches will not only brighten up your home and surroundings, but they can add literally hundreds of dollars to your home's value and - more importantly - ensure your family's safety and dramatically increase your own peace of mind.

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