People Follow A Winner

People follow a winner because nobody likes to lose. We notice the victor no matter what shape or form they come in. Someone who is the master of their craft will inevitably rise to the top. Becoming a winner takes discipline and years of hard work. Nobody pays attention to an athlete until they do something physically amazing. The 10 or 20 years that lead up to that moment mostly go unnoticed. Countless hours in the gym and on the practice field mastering fundamentals and building strength. It takes guts to sacrifice for a vision that you alone can see. The same goes for the winner in the business world. A rag to riches story is always filled with massive failure. Many millionaires once didn't know where their next meal was coming from. The endless hours at study and work can go on for decades. It's rare if your first business venture even succeeds. A winner is the business world can have numerous failed companies before they break though. The great coach John Madden once said; "The road to easy street goes through the sewer." I would have to agree with that statement.

People follow a winner because they want to be a part of greatness. We focus on the teams winning the most games in every sport. We have gossip magazines that report on famous people and publish any story no matter how ridicules. Fame and fortune seem to follow winners in all walks of life. In business they cheer for you when your up and kick you when your down. You can look at any classic publicly traded stock that had a great run for that analogy. The dot-com boom was never based on financial facts. It was total speculation and by simply adding a dot-com to your company name made you a winner. Stocks went up over night and it was based on pure hype!

Real winners last through thick and thin. You can't win the super bowl every year or even the world series. You can't be the NASCAR champion forever or the heavyweight camp of the world. In pro sports you hit your peak as an athlete or team and that can only last for so long. Somebody eventually will come along and take that away. People follow a winner for as long as it lasts and then they are on to the next best thing. Profession people with great attitudes always show class when the music is over. Just because your physical prime has passed does not mean you still can't be a winner in life. A victor graduates into their next phase of the journey and welcomes a new challenge.

People follow a winning idea too. In the online world of affiliate marketing, direct sales and revenue sharing business models everyone wants a winning plan. Nobody wants promises, they want results. The network marking industry is rapidly changing. A new business model is taking over. The rev-share as it is called is still being perfected. The differences between the old direct sales company compensation plan and this new breed are night and day.

There are some major differences.

- Company shares the revenue with all affiliates
- Company pays out of the revenue pool daily
- Recruiting is optional
- Allows the average person to win

In business people are going to follow the winning plan. The idea that makes the most sense wins. The company that pays the best the fastest gains momentum. Momentum feeds the growth and the belief level of the affiliates. There is going to be many champions in this arena. There will be droves of teams who taste victory. It's just the way that the model is set up. If you want to follow a winner start by following a winning plan.

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