Your Eleven Part Hemorrhoid Treatment

OK - so you've got hemorrhoids. You've seen your doctor. You've got the medication. Maybe you're discussing more serious medical intervention. You have scoured the Internet for information on hemorrhoids and are probably suffering from information overload and feeling slightly nauseous at the oh so graphic medical illustrations. I mean, come on!

Hemorrhoids equals swollen veins in your bottom equals embarrassment equals treatment equals getting it sorted. Right?

So this is not another recycled article about hemorrhoid medications and wonder cures.

No, this article is somewhat different. I'm taking each letter of the word 'Hemorrhoid' (there are eleven letters) and using each one as a coat hanger to develop an instant hemorrhoid treatment. Like most of what you find on the web, there probably isn't anything new here, but what I want to do is confirm your hunches that hemorrhoids aren't the end of the world. In fact, they could be the beginning of a new way of living. So here goes:

Healthy eating does make a difference: Now, my starting point is that most of us are aware of what comprises a healthy diet. Five portions of vegetables, low fat intake and so on. But we tend to pay lip service to it. And, possibly, that lip service has contributed to our developing hemorrhoids. Lack of fibre and roughage doesn't help. So, don't go overboard about this, but just choose to make a small change to your diet every day. Small steps are far better than crazy leaps.

Exercise a bit more: Notice, I said "a bit more". If you try to do a half-marathon before breakfast you'll never, ever, jog again. But try a brisk five minute walk. Brisk enough to get you slightly breathless. Then add a few more minutes. If you have to push a buggy, try going a bit faster! Kids love it! Make an inner decision that you 'are' fit - don't go down the self-critical alley that echoes "I'm an unfit slob!

Meditate on wellness: Now, this may seem pretty impossible when you've bought Hemorrhoids 101 and are feeling fed up and depressed. But - don't go there! Meditate on wellness, not your hemorrhoids. Even - especially - if you're sore! And, I said, 'wellness' not ' health'. Wellness is a far broader and encompassing approach, embracing your thoughts and feelings, not just your body. There is research that shows that just thinking intensely about wellness has a beneficial effect on your body. Take five minutes out, and allow yourself to daydream. Visualise yourself walking in warm sunshine, or running through surf, or lying in hot sun, or playing beach volleyball. You'll feel better, I promise.

Organic is probably better than highly processed: notice, I said 'probably better'. I'm not a member of the organic thought police. Studies in Europe suggest that organic is not necessarily the all singing all dancing better-than-anything-else product that it may have been presented as. But highly processed food (let's be honest and call it what it is: junk food) is just that - junk. To me the test is this - would you eat it when it's cold? If it's organic or not too junky, the answer is probably ' yes'. If it's cold junk food, congealed in fat, the answer is definitely 'no'. So which would you prefer to be inside you?

Radiant health is not moonshine: I love the phrase, 'radiant health'. You know how some people have a kind of glow about them? They just look good. There's a kind of energy around them. Well, that to me is what radiant health is. There is something, an aura if you like, that people 'get' when they are around you. And, it's not moonshine. YOU can enjoy radiant health. These eleven themes you're reading are all components of it.

Raw foods count a for a lot. Choose the ones you like. Apples. Oranges. Maybe carrot and ginger juice. Explore. Have fun. Enjoy.

Happiness is an inside job. Now, this came as a breakthrough for me. I realised that I depended on so many externals to feel happy: relationships, possessions, money, and so on. But in practice none of these externals are constant. When you suddenly 'get' that you can choose to feel how you feel, you will be truly wealthy.

Overall, few things matter and most things don't matter at all. Again, this is a key insight into serenity. You don't need to be hysterical about having hemorrhoids. You can chose to be calm and serene. "Hemorrhoids? Moi?" and get on with life. A full life.

Inner wealth is key to health. You'll notice that I come back to this idea again and again. But it's true. When we are bombarded by external stimulation we discover the part of ourselves that is very smart, that can multi-task, handle enormous amounts of information and enjoys music, news and entertainment. That part is good! But constant stimulation also deprives us of another part of ourselves, the part that enjoys a sunrise, a good book, or giving thanks. I recommend time alone. Obviously, some people enjoy more alone time than others, but I suspect we all benefit from at least some time to discover our own thoughts, our preferences, our "self." Schedule a weekend alone at a favorite cabin or resort. Once a week, turn off the iPod and go for a quiet walk or have lunch in a local park, alone. Journal in the mornings or turn off the television, go outside and watch a sunset or the stars.

Daily fitness walks change your mood. That's all I can say. It works for me. And I prefer to feel good, rather than feel overwhelmed, don't you? Try it.

Sound sleep is your right and responsibility. Just imagine: can you imagine when you last woke completely rested after six hours' sleep, bursting with energy, feeling that you haven't a care in the world, looking forward to another exciting day on this planet? Can you remember when it happened on a Monday morning?

So there you are. Next time you think 'Hemorrhoids' break it down into those eleven letters - h-e-m-o-r-r-h-o-i-d -s and start over. It'll be worth it.

My best to you.

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