Edible Favors - Purchased Or Homemade?

You just can't go wrong with choosing an edible favor for your party favor - nearly everyone loves receiving their very own delicious treat. 'Edibles' can cover a lot of ground including candy and cookies, honey and jams, popcorn or caramel corn, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lemonade and cocktail mixes, etc. They can also take two forms - purchased or homemade (the latter often being a money saver).


The advantage of purchasing edible favors are three-fold: 1) there's little to no work on your part, 2) edible favors are usually nicely packaged for gift gifting, and 3) many such favors offer personalized labels specific to the occasion.

You can also run the gamut of inexpensive to extravagant (and typically expensive) favors - it all depends on your budget and the impression you want to make at your event. Edible favors on the more inexpensive side include lollipops, single beverage serving packets and Hershey® bars with personalized labels as examples. On the more indulgent side are chocolate place cards, edible purses, chocolate boxes filled with truffles and designer cookies.


Homemade doesn't necessarily mean you baked it or prepared it yourself - but you certainly could! For example - everyone loves homemade cookies. When giving these as your party favors, bake them in either mini sizes or jumbo size. Then, in your favor bag, put either one jumbo cookie in the bag or a handful of mini cookies. The great news with this favor is that you can bake and freeze the cookies months in advance and take them out when the time comes to fill the favor bags.

Other homemade edibles include flavored popcorn, caramel corn, candies and jam just to name a few. Put a personalized label on the bag or jar, tie it up with pretty ribbon and you have yourself a terrific looking and tasting party favor. Your guests will undoubtedly appreciate the time and effort that went into this favor.

Where to find favor bags for homemade treats? Try craft stores such as Michaels. They usually offer a variety of cello bags or paper bags that are perfect for edibles. They also often sell labels that can be personalized. However, you can also turn to websites for the latter such as Myownlabels.com

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