How to Deal With Weight Bullying?

No one of us wants to be a victim of bullying. But sadly, there are some people who experienced firsthand bullying from classmates, friends, siblings and sometimes even other family members can be a culprit of bullying.

Generally, there are several reasons for bullying, but studies show that weight bullying is very common especially in obese children and overweight adults.

Detecting Weight Bullying
You may say that you are experiencing weight bullying if:

- You are made fun because of your weight
- You are called "fat names"
- You received comments on your appearance
- You are the center of malicious gossips based on your weight habits
- You are not welcome to any school or social activities
- You are ignored
- You are always humiliated
- You are physically assaulted
- Personal things and foods are damaged or stolen

If you or your child experience this, you are likely be a victim of bullying. However, remember, that you are not alone and that you do not deserve any of these bullying.

You have to bear in mind that your weight is not the measurement of respect. You have to be respected whether you are fat or not.

Is Weight Bullying Wrong?
Yes, weight bullying is very wrong. It is as wrong as racial discrimination or other discriminatory acts due to gender and religion.

You may hear that teasing may happen occasionally among friends but it does not mean that it has to be done over and over most especially if it already affects the self-respect of a person.

What to Do?
Adults can handle the bullying more effectively. But what children may find it hard to deal with bullying.

Here are some tips that will help you deal with bullying:

- Be confident of yourself. Remember that bullies often pick on those people who are not sure of themselves. For you to appear self-confident, make sure that you teach your child to walk head high and stand tall.

- Don't go in places where you can be alone. Do not give the bullies the chance to be with you alone. Bullies will take the opportunity to harass you when you are alone, so, try your best to be with your friends.

- Encourage your child to talk to you or your teacher if there is someone who bullies him or her. Telling the problem to an adult is not a sign of weakness. Bullying is a serious situation that the child's family or teachers should intervene to avoid serious problems later on.

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