Humberto, The Bookworm Hamster

The author of the book Humberto, the bookworm Hamster is Mayra Calvani. The illustrator and publisher are Kit Grady and Guardian Angel Publishing respectively. It is the magnificent children's book. It expresses two different, significant, and essential messages for the children. Mayra cleverly threads the winning story.

The primary lesson is that, it conveys wonderful adventures for your child. It in fact opens up a new imaginary world before your child. Humberto, the bookworm Hamster can inflame the thoughts. The youngster can be a champion on an enormous white mount with a weapon in hand. He can be space traveler. He can battle with fire dragon. He can travel to anywhere.

The subsequent lesson of humberto, the bookwork hamster is friendship. With the exceptional and excellent story telling, Mayra evidences the importance of friendship. Through this book, mayra emphasizes that friends are a part of life.

In fact, the examples in this book are astonishing and wonderful. It can inspire your child with its brave, fanciful and brilliant characters. They are certain to confine each child's thoughts and attention. Writer Mayra Calvani loves to write for adults and especially for children. She is a usual contributor to Suite 101, and Blog critics Magazine. She is also the active member of The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Humberto, the Bookworm Hamster provides the children with not only an entertaining story but also gives an inspiring lesson with moral element. It can improve their reading and learning skills and twinkle their imagination power.

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