30 Minute Article Writing - 3 Simple Tips to Write Articles in Less Than 30 Minutes

As a writer, it's definitely an advantage for you if you know how to write your articles a bit quicker as this is one of the keys to boost your productivity. In this article, I'll teach you some tricks that can definitely cut your writing time in half.

Here's how you can write great articles in less than 30 minutes:

1. Prepare ahead of time. Before you start writing, make sure that everything you need is ready. These include your computer, internet connection, resource materials, and other software that you might need like voice recognition software. This is to make sure that you'll avoid unnecessary delays in the middle of the process.

2. Choose your topics wisely. As you're trying to finish writing your articles in 30 minutes or less, it will help if you stick with topics that you already pretty well. You see, you don't want to read so many online resources just to get the information you need and to fully understand your main topic -- this will eat a lot of your writing time. Be an expert on your subjects first before you start writing them.

3. Focus. Write on one-hour segments. During those 60 minutes, make sure that you concentrate on getting your articles done. Do not entertain instant messages or phone call just yet. This is the key to make sure that your train of thoughts will not be disrupted. Also, avoid writing and editing your articles all at the same time. It will work to your advantage if you do one task at a time.

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