Great Things to Do in Florida

Florida is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. The reason for this is a lot more than just good weather. There is just so much to keep the visitor entertained and here are just some suggestions about things you can do in the area.

Even the name Key West is enough to get the rest of us thinking about the sunshine and beach. This is Florida's very own Caribbean island. This is a tropical paradise and you will have no difficulty finding things to do. If you tire of the beach you will find that the top scale shopping will be a pleasant diversion. This is a place that you will not want to leave, and it is the ideal romantic destination. The turquoise waters around the island are stunning there are tropical plants everywhere you look. There is nowhere else like Key West in the United States and this is why people love it so much.

Kennedy Space Center is the home of NASA and here you can get to see a place that has been of huge importance in human history. This is the home of the American space program and a place that has captured the imagination of people from around the world. The visitor's complex is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world and you won't want to miss it.

The Everglades offers some of the world's most diverse eco systems. UNESCO has designated the area as being of great importance. It covers a large area of subtropical wetlands. You will find some stunning scenery and wildlife in this area and it is well worth a visit.

Walt Disney World has been a major crowd puller for years and people travel from all over the planet just to visit this one attraction. In fact many people can spend their whole visit to the United States at this one location. Children love this amusement park and adults who visit quickly begin to feel like children themselves. The Magic Kingdom is the highlight of the area. Around Walt Disney world you have the many other wonderful Orlando attractions.

Tampa is on the west coast of Florida and this is another popular place to visit. This city has many cultural attractions such as museums and galleries. There are over 165 parks and plenty of beaches to satisfy the sun worshipers. Lowry Park Zoo offers over 2,000 animals on display and so well worth a visit. There is also some great shopping to be found around Bay Street and the International Plaza.

South beach nightclubs. If you like to boogey and strut your stuff then you will find some of them most famous nightclubs at South Beach. This is the place where the young and trendy to go, but even if you are not so young or trendy you might still be able to have a good time. You might even meet a supermodel or star that takes a shine to you.

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