SEO - Hey Newbie, Everybody Else Is Doing It, Are You?

So you really like being on Facebook and you have over a hundred followers on twitter, you follow two hundred but... is that all you do with your social sites, just gossip maybe and catch up with the latest happenings? As a new online internet marketer you could and should be doing so much more to increase your level of success with social media. The social media is one form of off-site optimization that you should be employing in your search engine optimization efforts.

Social media basically is about putting all those social sites you love so much like Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. to actually work for you, thereby generating traffic which hopefully will lead to increased revenue. In other words, more money for you.

Here are a few ideas on how to make the social media work for you:

Researching your Market

The social media is all about connecting with and to people. As a new internet marketer it's one of the best and most inexpensive ways to research your market. Why do you want to do this? So you won't be wandering in the dark. Market research will help you to know and develop the right kind of product that your market will be interested in. You can use the social media to carry out surveys, get people to review your business in order to get the information you need for your product.

Reputation Management

As a new internet marketer your reputation is very important as an individual and as a site owner. We all know one of the best ways to start out on the internet is to sell affiliate products. As such you can't always guarantee the quality of every single product you promote so, you may get some negative feed-backs which will reflect poorly on you. Trust me that's the last thing you want to happen. If you plan on being a successful internet marketer you MUST have a good reputation. However with the social media you can take corrective measures. You can respond to the negative comments, give your customers an explanation and put yourself back in good standing with them.

Reduce your advertising bill

If you had a regular brick and mortar store you'd be spending heavily on advertising to get buyers to your store. On the internet you still need to advertise (perhaps even more so) but the difference is that you don't have to spend as heavily. Social media sites help you create brand awareness. You have the opportunity to create an avatar on each social site. This could be your business logo or mascot. All you need to do to do is expose them by constantly giving useful comments on these sites and deliver on your promises. Eventually people will come to recognize your brand and what you stand for. They will reward you by buying your offerings and telling others about you. Once they're satisfied you could have a loyal following for a long time to come.

These steps are ones you can do for yourself and you don't need the services of an SEO company to get good results either. If you like to using the social media then as an online marketer you should do so in the most beneficial ways to you. Search engine optimization doesn't have to be difficult, it's about following certain principles and guidelines.

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