The Benefits of PCTV

Often it's hard to fit your entertainment into your busy life. So many people find it hard to watch the television and films that they want to watch because they don't have enough time or because someone is always watching their television. If you seem to always be on your computer and not watching the television, then there is something you can do, watch satellite television on your PC!

Before you start thinking that PCTV is too hard and too costly you need to know the facts.
1.Price / Cost: Subscribing to normal satellite or cable television can be quite expensive. Generally you have to pay set up and monthly fees. PCTV however doesn't involve subscription fees or monthly costs. You will need to pay a one off download fee for your software. After paying for the software your television viewing is completely free.

2.Picture and Sound Quality: Most satellite subscribers have problems with their picture and sound quality. The reason for this is because plenty of whether conditions can cause a disturbance in the signal. For instance if it is raining, storming, cloudy or too hot, you picture will probably be unclear. In fact a nice clear day is the only kind of day that you will have a perfect picture. PCTV is however dependent on your Internet connection, how often do you have poor Internet on a cloudy day?

3.Installation Ease: Downloading and installing is quick and easy. You don't have to be an computer whiz to download and install PCTV. You won't need a technician or a support department.

4.Quality of Viewing: Satellite television on your PC will give you the opportunity to watch over 3000 channels from all over the world. These channels will be a mix of variety, news, sport, movies, kids, documentaries and all your favorites.

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