Feed Your Weight Loss Desire - The Key to Staying Motivated

There is more to weight loss success than just diet and exercise you must also feed your weight loss desire in order to reach your goal and stay there. This article shares tried and true methods for building your desire and staying motivated and if you can spare just a couple of minutes you might just tap into that wonderful inner resource - self-motivation.

Weight Loss Desire

1. Write down ALL the reasons. Why do you want to lose weight? What will being thinner mean to your day-to-day life? Write it down and don't stop writing until you uncover that deep, heart-felt reason that moves you to action.

2. Focus on these positive reasons. Researchers who study why people reach goals show that people who stay focused on all the positive things that will come from their efforts are the ones who stay motivated and stay on track.

3. Don't linger on the day-to-day chores of losing weight. Yes, there will be times during your journey when things get boring but instead of dwelling on all the things you must do, expand your focus and daydream about how much this is adding to your life and how your co-workers are going to reach when they see you...

4. CANCEL limiting thoughts. You will have thoughts that lead to self-sabotage unless you cancel them. No one is immune to limiting thoughts that make them want to quit the thing to remember is that you do not have to entertain these thoughts or let them grow and multiply inside your head. The best practice is to learn to recognize these negative thoughts early and then as soon as you hear one yell CANCEL to yourself. It disrupts the thought so it cannot grow.

5. Commit to one thing. If you overwhelm yourself on your weight loss journey you will kill your desire. Instead get really good at one thing (i.e. keeping a food journal, exercising every day, eating breakfast faithfully) and when you get really good at that one thing add another. You will find that your weight loss desire builds and builds.

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