Work From Home Dads - Maintaining Discipline in 2013

Basing your business at home allows you to stay closely connected to your family. When the children need to be picked up from school or are home sick, the home-based Dad can quickly drop everything and respond. But having the family so close to work can also spell trouble if distractions and family problems start to eat into work time.

If you are planning to work from home, either remotely via your employer or if you setting up a business, be prepared for a massive shift in the way you work.

Yes, we are talking discipline. Get used to that word, because you are going to need a lot of it.

"Those pesky kids... "
"He said... "
"She said... "
"I want... "
"I need... "

Yes, those pesky kids who you adore and with whom you wanted to spend more time, are suddenly under your feet - literally. OK, they may disappear off to school or nursery (or even better, university!) but when they are around, you will know it. And as much as you keep saying that you are working and you are not to be disturbed, be aware that the mind of a juvenile does not have the mental capacity to understand what that means. The same theory also applies when you ask them to keep the noise down - it just will not happen.

The lure of the patterned biscuit tin:

When you worked in an office, you were so busy and your head was spinning so fast, that food could not enter your mouth unless your stomach moaned so loud that other workers wondered if it was thundering outside. As if to balance out those years of malnutrition, your body and mind are now in food overdrive. If you manage not to put a stone on in weight in six weeks then you are well and truly blessed with the skinny gene. Try to resist the temptation, or better still, keep no food other than broccoli stalks in the house. Trust me, it is the only way

Jeremy Kyle is so funny!

You have hated him for years, mocked him, those who appear on his show, and especially those poor souls who are compelled to watch him every day. But actually, it is really interesting! Who would have thought that two brothers could marry their own twin sisters half removed. No... really! A quick five minutes of telly time just to relax, is suddenly five hours of auctions, property makeovers and Hollywood gossip. Hide the remote... now!!

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