Your Job Is Destroying Your Life - Stop It!

It's not a secret that a great number of people feel unhappy at work. They experience poor work life balance, feel emotionally and physically exhausted, not motivated, can not communicate to their bosses successfully and feel their job is killing them. If you know you hate your job or will hate it soon, follow these strategies:

1. Stop Hanging Around With Gossiping Pessimists
Negativity can be spread around like flu, avoid spending too much time with those who hate the company and find faults with it endlessly. What you hear at work is very important, try to create a positive work environment around you in the workplace. Cheer up and let others feel better.

2. Insist on the Need to Get Feedback
If your boss is not willing to give you any feedback, insist on it. Prove how important it is to you. Besides, your boss might not be aware of your needs, don't expect him / her to be a mind reader, initiate this conversation.

3. Stop Suffering from a Bad Boss's Behavior
A bad boss may be a nasty creature who bullies and insults employees. There are various ways to get rid of a bad boss, from complaining to company HR managers to gaining a promotion in another department.

4. Be More Creative
Make yourself more visible at work by coming up with new ideas. If there is something that bothers you at work, if you think you know the ways to improve employees efficiency in your department and make work atmosphere more favorable - take courage to propose something new.

5. Ask for a Pay Rise
Money does motivate people. A pay rise is sure to brighten everything up. If you feel you are underpaid and deserve more, talk to your supervisors about it.

6. Consider a Job Change
If you are feeling that everything is said and done at this job, you are underestimated, there is no chance for promotion and the routine is boring to death, take courage to give it all up. There is no point in losing your time and valuable skills and not getting anything from the company in exchange. Consider opportunities to work abroad, volunteering or working for a nonprofit organization.

Some people tend to retain one job because they are scared of dramatic life changes. If you have made up your mind to become a happy employee, be prepared to take risks.

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