Balance Your Life - Make Changes To Balance Your Life Now And Later

Take Action Daily. Taking positive action can begin with a simple meditation or prayer for guidance. Make a list of the actions that you would like to accomplish the night before and allow your subconscious to work on it and assist you in preparing for action. Feed your physical body next by having a balanced breakfast that include protein, fruit and a warm drink to get the circulation going. Some doctors suggest adding ginger, cinnamon and honey may contribute to balance in the body.

Plan Your Day. Take the to-do-list and review it to prioritize the items and see if there is the need to change the order of work. Begin with the urgent or the easiest to complete and continue to work on the items until they are completed. If some items cannot be done because of obstacles that come in play, transfer them to the next day`s list. Some actions can only be completed in part or may not be necessary. Since these changes are to balance your life, look for the happy medium and do not become upset.

Create motivation. How do you really feel about doing a particular item? Will it contribute to the happiness in your life? In order to succeed you must be motivated. What are the pitfalls preventing you from achieving this objective? Often, you may believe that you should be carrying out a particular task because it may influence how someone thinks or feels about you but you really would prefer not to do it. Visualize the end result and compare the change in your life after the completion of this task. If the result is positive the motivation should be there, if there is nothing to be gained, think some more.

Avoid negativity. You may find that when you absorb negative facts through gossip provided to you by the media or friends, it is difficult to keep them to yourself. You will waste lots of time passing them on to others and checking to verify their origin and truth. Limit the amount of time spent receiving and passing on negative suggestions by giving a positive spin to each negative fact you receive. Friends and family will reduce the incidents of sending you negative information when you do this. You will want to check how this affects the balance in your life as you may lose friends or contact with relatives who enjoy passing on negative titbits.

Be Yourself. The only person you can control is you. You cannot control your adult children, husband, brothers or sisters, friends or other family members so be yourself. Many of you spend days or hours trying to influence the lives of others to achieve what you would like them to achieve but ultimately they will do what they want to do. Balance your life by doing the things that may you feel better and that allow you to influence society as a whole rather than focusing on a few individuals. Be willing to assist when asked by loved ones but let them chose their own paths. Balance your own life, use meditation, motivation, visualization and any other positive method available to you.

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