Samsung Armani - A Fascinating Handset

Whenever the news of the launch of any new model handset comes from Samsung, the mobile market gets prepared to welcome the new entrant. There is a natural enthusiasm and curiosity to know more details regarding the handset. Any model from the Korean giant is expected to have some new feature that is really user friendly. No wonder the market and the consumers wait eagerly for the launch of a Samsung mobile phone. The recently launched P520 model is also no exception. Carrying the tradition forward, the Samsung Armani mobile phone from Samsung is living up to all the hype and expectation.

The Samsung P520 handset with a dimension of 88 x 54 x 8.9mm is small in profile. The handset weighs 102 grams - consequently, it becomes quite easy for users to carry the handset from one place to another. There are various other factors apart from the small and slick profile that has played a role in making the handset a hot brand among the users. The handset from Samsung has a display capability that is simply stunning. The handset comes with a TFT screen that provides 256k colors assuring a perfect viewing experience. It could provide pictures with 240 x 320 pixels, a feature most of the competing models fail to deliver. This Samsung mobile phone is also popular among people with an avid interest in gaming. The reason is nothing but the availability of all popular games on the handset. Any game loving user will find excellent entertainment on the handset.

This handset from Samsung has additional technological features that play an important role in raising its market value. The Samsung P520model handset has a built-in Bluetooth wireless technology with A2DP that would support in getting the phone connected with other handsets with Bluetooth devices. There is also available EDGE technology and GPRS that makes the phone more advanced. The handset has instant messaging facility including MMS and SMS facility that plays a role in bringing the user closer to his friends and family. The availability of internet browser on the handset makes it capable of browsing the internet. The handset also has an effective camera function that ensures high quality pictures any time of the day.

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