Self-Modeling: M.O.T.H.E.R (Molding Others to Handle Every Responsibility)

Self-Modeling is a concept that connects our behavior to our understanding of who we are or what we represent. What we say, do and see is modeled by the beliefs we have about ourselves (our perception). What we do, see, and say is related to what we know and believe about ourselves (internally and externally). Mother (Woman) is the source, measure and manifestation of a people's level of spiritual, moral and intellectual development. Not only is Mother our 1st teacher, her thinking shapes and molds our view of ourselves and everything around us. The (woman) is the Mother of Civilization.

Sister's we are powerfully blessed, naturally anointed and appointed. Our nature is godly and we must strive to stay cultivated and be utilized. Being godly is an active concept. Women are always working, moving, producing, creating, and doing something. Be empowered! We must not give time or energy to believing something about ourselves that is not true. We are certainly powerful! We must grow beyond the state of belief and enter the world of certainty. This is a place of knowing (our true self) opposed to thinking we know. It is a knowing coming from Spirit and it Super-cedes our minds. What is a model? A model is a physical representation of an object or a replica. What is a designer? A designer is a creator of an object or one who creates the structural properties of the design.

Who are we modeling? Who are we representing today?

We ALL are modeling our God design. We constantly influence others in some way, whether we like it or not. In order to successfully Self-Model our God design; we must focus on our internal processes.


We must have the knowledge of Self. The knowledge of self is akin to the knowledge of God. Knowledge of Self is essential to Self-Modeling. We innately house God in all of us. God resides within the spiritual house in the Kingdom of heaven that is within us. We must KNOW that within us resides God. Our journey is about uncovering or truly reuniting with our GOD SELF. We are modeling our GOD selves. The World is our Runway.

To Model Our God Self, our Minds must be attuned to the thinking of God!

Attuned means adjusted or altered to accommodate to certain requirements or bring into a proper relation. Becoming fully aware of the Christ Consciousness in us, helps us know that all the limiting patterns that prevents us from living to our highest awareness and knowledge must be brought to the light and can be brought down.

What are the limiting patterns?

The limiting patterns exist in our Thinking. This world has a thought pattern that can limit our ability to reach our full potential. We have a tendency to Model what we THINK is true about ourselves. Believing it to be TRUE, when in fact, we lack the True Knowledge of who we are. We are so Valuable!

Remember as a child, the story "Jungle Book". This story was animated but highlighted a human being raised by animals. In the story, this child believes that he is (like those who raised him). He is modeling his understanding of himself. Acting and believing it to be TRUE. The real truth was that he is a human being, absent of the knowledge of self. Again, what we believe tends to determine what we create. (Ex: Gangster, Thugs). Changes in consciousness always go before changes in the body.

3 Molding Techniques to Self-Model God

1) Desire (Awareness)

We must desire to Model God. This is having the natural urge or desire to know HIM. To know that which is greater (God). When we desire to know God, we seek ways to gain a stronger faith and knowledge of him. This is done through Acts of Devotion (Worship through Praise, Studying the Word, Charity, and Prayer to name a few).

Question: What do a woman who believes she can do anything and a woman who believes that she cannot do anything have in common? They are both correct! If you believe you can do anything, you can, and if you believe you cannot do anything, you cannot. Remember our brain does not differentiate between what we are doing and what we THINK we are doing. If you desire to model God, you can be successful!

2) Willingness (What we See)

Seeing a thing the way God sees things gives our life purpose. We must SEE ourselves the way God sees us. We are powerful, worthy and valuable! People may have defined us outside of how God has defined us. We must be willing to look at TRUTH. The truth of who we are. We are ALL borne with a purpose to serve. Serve who? We must serve God and others. Others can mean; a different person, opposite, people aside from oneself. This requires faith and faith requires movement or action steps. Do you remember hearing that "Faith without works is Dead" We must surrender our negative thoughts about things and move toward the things that we were gifted in. When we are truly able to see ourselves correctly, and others, we will also become aware of the awesome gifts from God that exist at our fingertips!

3) Model Talk (What we Say)

When modeling our God Self, we must speak like we are representing God.The spiritual gates of the tongue and the ear gate are interconnected. Everything to be avoided in speech must also be avoided in hearing. Everything to be avoided in hearing is to be avoided in speech. We must be Sheriffs over our Ears and the Ears of our children! Revelation contains the highest form of electrical energy and opens us up to growth and development on the mental and spiritual plane. When we know God, we can be used as an Instrument of Revelation. Why is this important to know? The more we converse with one another on a higher level of communication; we give energy to one another. When our conversation degenerates - the energy leaves. Gossip, slander, and backbiting strip us of our energy. Sisters, we are plagued by this low language almost everywhere we go, on television, internet, friends, co-workers and more. We can become completely drained of our energy and sanity, if we become partakers in it. We must become aware of those who bring this type of language to our ears and sheriff over what we hear.


Mother (women) has the power to mold others to handle every responsibility. The Power lies in Mother whose thinking and feelings, defines molds and shapes our character. Today, we have been given things to model that kills our self-esteem and has a negative influence on us. Thereby, producing an effect on who WE are molding and shaping with OUR thoughts. Once our minds begin to change and realign to its original state, there is nothing we can not accomplish. In order for us to survive and flourish, it is imperative that we are attuned to the thinking of God. If we think like God we will experience a Godly existence, regardless of circumstances.

We must always strive to gain control of our thoughts through constant submission, constant obedience, constant study and vigilant prayer to produce constant growth. That is how we stay centered. When we do this we can understand that every event or circumstance is designed to propel us into further spiritual growth and development.

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