Twitter And How It Contributes To A World-Wide Conversation

The Twitter social media platform was only started in 2006 and for a while, many people thought it was just a trend, and a strange trend at that. There were probably many people in society, possibly even those who were using it, who thought that it would fade quickly. However, despite what people expected, Twitter has just continued to grow and is still a growing force in today's society. It is hard to find exact numbers of how many people are users. This is partly because people can use Twitter without having an account. Also, some people might be signed up to read tweets and do very little posting of their own. However, this year it is estimated that there are approximately 500 million active Twitter users and they send an average of about 340 million tweets daily.

Twitter can be used for any number of things, and this is perhaps part of why it became and still is so popular. Although the limit of 140 characters does not allow much in the way of lengthy discourse, with abbreviations (many of which have become popular in other social media situations), pictures, video, and short links, sharing is not actually that difficult. If you have a blog post on a personal or business blog discussing at great length a new product, an idea, or even stuffed full with vacation videos, one tweet to your followers will send them there.

And really, with clever utilization of your words, a surprisingly lot can be said in that 140 characters. When news is breaking all over the world, both good and bad, Twitter users spread the news the fastest. News organizations of all stripes count on followers to tell them about natural disasters, political upheaval, rebellions, and battles. Celebrities use Twitter to keep their fans appraised of their opinions about daily gossip, their tour schedules, and sometimes things as mundane as where they are eating dinner that night. Businesses gather Twitter followers to alert them about sales or as a good conduit for sending out coupons and newsletters. Even the non-famous can alert their friends and family to funny sayings of their children, daily doings in their lives, and the fun and frustrations of everyday living.

It is hard to know whether the Twitter popularity trend with hit a zenith and then start to decrease. Just as with all social media, it is sometimes very difficult to predict what will become popular and what will lose its luster because there has never been anything like this in the history of mankind. But whatever happens down the road, at this point, at least, Twitter continues to change the world.

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