Choosing the Perfect Career - Ideal Occupations For Oranges

Oranges tackle their work with enthusiasm so they can quickly move on to other pursuits. They're great at working under pressure and prefer to work on jobs that are lively, risky, and unpredictable. They grow restless with jobs that tie them down and limit their personal freedom. They're straightforward, realistic, and practical workers who bring flair, energy, and excitement to the workplace. They're talented, resourceful, skillful, and adaptable. Because of their upbeat and sociable natures, they usually present a positive image of themselves and their company. They're action-oriented workers who know how to get the results they desire.

Business: Advertising specialist, Entrepreneur, Fund-raiser, Labor relations, Marketing specialist, Office manager, Public relations specialist, Purchasing agent, Real estate agent, Salesperson, Wholesaler

Civil service: Astronaut, Detective, Fighter pilot, Fire fighter, Intelligence agent, Law enforcement officer, Mediator, Paramedic, Politician, Religious leader, Social worker, Soldier, Test pilot, Weapons operator

Creative arts: Commercial artist, Craftsperson, Designer, Fashion designer, Illustrator, Jeweler, Painter, Potter, Sculptor

Education: Art teacher, Athletic coach, Drama teacher, Elementary school teacher, Industrial arts teacher, Music teacher, Physical education teacher, Trainer

Entertainment: Actor, Bartender, Broadcast technician, Comedian, Dancer, Disc jockey, Film producer, Musician, News reporter, Photographer, Professional athlete, Professional coach, Promoter, Public speaker, Race car driver, Sportscaster, Tour agent, Tour operator, Travel agent

Finance: Banker, Insurance sales, Investor, Personal financial planner, Securities analyst, Stockbroker

Health care: Chiropractor, Dental assistant, Fitness trainer, Massage therapist, Medical assistant, Physical therapist, Radiology technologist, Sports nutritionist, Veterinarian, Visiting nurse

Service: Beautician, Crisis hot-line operator, Flight attendant, Floral designer, Host/hostess, Legal secretary, Receptionist, Secretary, Waiter

Technical: Botanist, Computer operator, Computer programmer, Computer repair person, Electrical technician, Forester, Geologist, Surveyor

Trades: Auctioneer, Carpenter, Chef, Construction worker, Cook, Dog trainer, Farmer, Gardener, General contractor, Hunter, Mechanic, Pilot, Store keeper, Tapestry worker, Truck driver

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