How to Get Your Girlfriend Back Fast and Easy

Wondering how you can get your girlfriend back? If you have just made your girlfriend 'walk the plank', you have come to the right place. Read on! First, letting go of your lady love was probably the biggest mistake you have made. This does not count cheating on college exam or lying to your parents. Definitely not! There is nothing worse than getting cursed by a girl after a break up. Three words - God save you!

But we have a solution! There is always a way to fix things or people, if you will. First things first - think over what you did wrong or what exactly went wrong and when it began getting complicated. Minor details are very important considering most girls read between the lines, almost all the time. It could have been something you said or did even if it was unintentional. It could also be something you may have said in your sleep! You never know!

Analyse your relationship keeping in mind the last two months that you spent together. Were you giving her enough space or too much space? Too much space is never good considering girls always need attention and pampering. Did you forget monthly or to be more specific weekly anniversary? Attention to detail is another important rule of a relationship. If you cannot remember what she was wearing for her mother's cousin's daughter's wedding, you are doomed. She mostly certainly thought that you do not care enough. Sounds silly? It is tried, tested and proved.

Once you have figured it out, straighten yourself out! Change always begins with self. If the break up has not changed anything in your approach or mannerisms, there is nothing that can help you. If you want to get your girlfriend back without changing anything about yourself, do you really think she will entertain you? Take a guess.

If she does not budge and is still mad at you for say two months. Let her know that you are on the market again. Remember not to make a fool of yourself when you do this. Don't gloat about it, just mention it in the passing either directly or through someone else. This will definitely catch her attention and make her think about you especially if you went after her soon after the breakup. In her heart of hearts, she will see that you really care but you have given up on her. When does a girl not like to be pursued? If it sounds like too much work, be prepared to take these measures if you want to get your girlfriend back!

When you are lucky enough to be able to touch base with her, apologise before you open your mouth to explain yourself. One honest apology is all it takes to win someone over. Let her talk first though and hear her out. Boy, will she complain but isn't she entitled to after what you did? Once she is done, you apologise and then explain your sorry self. Let her know that you are a new person and that you are willing to change. There is no reason she will not forgive you!

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