Kids Birthday Party Ideas - Another Gift to Give?

Whether you have one child or five, the children's birthday party circuit can get downright expensive!, When you have a couple kids constantly being invited to birthday parties, you might be thinking you need to take out a loan just to get by! The good news is that you can give great and creative birthday presents without breaking your budget.

Having your kid show up empty handed, without any type of gift is just plain poor behavior. After all, the party giver(the parent!) is offering to entertain and most likely offer food to your child, and it is only proper to offer some token of appreciation to the birthday child in return. So how do you survive the endless stream of kids birthday parties without going crazy?

My first bit of advice is to reserve a special place in one of your closets, and stock it with 'birthday gifts'.I use a top shelf in our hall closet (one my kids can't reach). Keep this shelf stocked with books, art supplies, toys, and other kids birthday gifts you findon sale throughout the year. Then, the next time an invitation to a birthday party arrives, the first place to shop is your gift shelf.

You should always keep your eye out and shop for clearance deals throughout the year. Planning ahead and being patient can help you save a lot of money. You can pick up incredible deals on end of season toys that are put on clearance. There is nothing wrong with these toys, but the retailers need to make room for all the toys for the next season, so they mark these toys way down!

Depending on how close your child is to the birthday child, your spending budget may change as well. For your kid's best friend, you might be willing to spend up to $20, while for a classmate with whom your kid doesn't play with outside of school, your budget might be $10 or less.

The thing is, you really can get a fun kids birthday present for $10 or less, such as

  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Hot wheels cars
  • Art supplies
  • Sand or water toys
  • Flashlights
  • Beauty supplies for girls, such as hair items, lip gloss, fingernail polish, etc
  • Books - always one of my favorites

If you are really stumped, or don't know the child having the birthday party very well, consider asking the child's parents for ideas on what their child might like!

The bottom line is, with some planning ahead and creative thought, you will no longer need to dread the next kids birthday party [] invitation that comes in the mail!

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