Get Him To Commit - The Right Way

When you start to read the many different ways that the online world suggests that you get your man to commit, you start to realize that there are a variety of negative things that you can do. Many of them are going to have you placating his ego so much that you'll lose a sense of your own self worth. It's that sort of negative enforcement that is driving many relationships into a negative light and status. If that sounds like something that you're experiencing from reading gossip columns or even blogs from so called experts it's time to look at something important, something vital, something that will actually work. The following are 3 ideas that will help you get him on one knee.

First and foremost, do not make him feel sorry for you. This is the worst tactic that online pundits are pushing and it drives many men away after some time. Sure, at first they will open up and try to save you and then when they realize that you were pushing an agenda they will pull back and get upset. Do not do this, instead, make sure that they see you fighting with all your might to be an independent person that is full of joy, and filled with great ideas and fun. You want to make sure they can take care of you but not because you can't, but because they want to. Getting them to realize that is a key that will unlock commitment faster than other methods.

The second thing that you need to do is avoid pulling back too far. Some methods call for you to give him a silent period or some plans far away from the relationship, but that can be interpreted in negative light. Instead, make sure that you are not smothering him but at the same time pushing him to try things that are outside of the relationship. If you have a hobby and he has one too, the two of you can spend separate time enjoying those things and then one day bring them together. Do not use that as a catalyst to create space for long periods of time in order to get him to commit. Push gently, some men are introverted and pushing too much will cause them to shut down. Gently nudge and you'll see great results in the long term.

The last thing that you need to do is trust your gut instincts. He might already be planning something big, he might have something in mind but he's trying to figure it out so he seems aloof at times. Make sure that you have open lines of communication about the future, whether you want kids, and don't drive it all on your own. Let him talk, get him to talk and use what he says to placate your need for commitment. You'll find that he'll drop to one knee in no time.

One note to remember, if you're not already in a relationship but have dated for a while, then make sure that you don't push him and don't sleep with them fast, try to save a little mystery, you'll find that it works great for the "good" guys.

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