Mobile DJ's - Making Money With Your iTunes Playlist

You're into music. It's your thing. You have an extensive library of songs from many genres and many eras. But can you turn your passion for music into a business? How about a business that can replace your full time job? Many mobile DJ's start out pondering this very same question. In this article, I'll show you how easy it is to get started as a DJ - even if you don't have all the right equipment.

Having a big iTunes playlist is more than just fun. It can be the first step toward becoming a DJ. If you have a love of music and the song library to show it, you would make a great DJ. The music is the most important part of DJing any event. Start out by looking over your playlist. Do you have music from all the popular genres? Maybe rap and country aren't your favorite genres, but as a DJ you will be expected to have these kinds of songs ready to play. Begin filling in the gaps in your music collection. You should be able to play any popular song from the last 40 years.

Lots of music lovers are lacking the other critical part of a mobile entertainment business: sound equipment. You can't just use your home stereo. Most DJ's have professional speakers with subwoofers, mixers, power amps, lights, and more. For your first couple gigs, you might want to borrow or rent equipment. Many music stores will rent out PA systems, which will work fine for most gigs. Renting or borrowing allows you to test out your business and see if it is profitable. After your first couple jobs, you can decide to purchase your own equipment. Using your iTunes playlist, or whatever program you choose, is fine for DJing an event. In fact, many DJ's are switching away from CDs and using iPods and laptops instead. It allows you to reduce the amount of equipment you carry, and you have instant access to every song in your library. That's much better than sifting through albums looking for a track.

Music lovers really can make a living in this business. It's exciting, profitable, and it doesn't require you to work 40 hours a week. Start growing your song library, and work on booking that first gig. You'll be the newest DJ in your town in no time.

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