Caravan Holidays - Without the Towing!

Static caravans, or caravan holiday homes as they are often known, are becoming more popular and with caravan sites situated all over the UK, there's bound to be one in an area you'll love to visit often.

Owning a caravan holiday home means that you can choose a unit on your ideal park and then have the freedom to use the holiday home as often as you like within the park's licence agreement. This could be up to 11 months of the year! You'll need to pay site rent to the park owner for the plot your static caravan is sited on, and for water and electric, in addition to the purchase price of your holiday home.

Buying a static caravan is an investment in your future holidays and may be of interest to you if you are planning to retire and would like to spend more time relaxing, without the stress of towing a touring caravan. Your static caravan will always be ready to use whenever you decide to pack a bag and head off for a few days or even a few weeks!

It can also be a great investment for young families as they can enjoy the school holidays away from home without the hefty price of staying in a hotel during the most expensive weeks of the year. Choose a seaside location and pack the bucket and spade to keep the children amused for hours.

There are many holiday parks that cater for different tastes, so whether you want peace and tranquility in a remote location, or a park with plenty to do and entertainment for the kids, there'll be one to suit you and your family's needs. And should your needs change or your family outgrow your holiday home, there's always the option to trade in the old caravan for a new one.

The cost of static caravans can vary greatly depending on the size, age and specification of the holiday home as well as the park on which it is sited. You'll need to do your homework and decide how much you're willing to spend. Also bear in mind the ongoing cost of site rent and any additional charges the park owner may make.

As a big investment, don't forget to insure your holiday home under a specialist policy that will cover both your caravan and the contents whilst occupied and unoccupied.

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