A Side Story of Pregnancy: Trying to Conceive

The pride and joy of a couple is to have children of their own. It gives them a sense of direction in life and they learn to strive hard to provide for their needs. This is what gives them the motivation to keep going, even when they have already exhausted every bit of energy left in them. But what of those people who experience pain and difficulty in trying to conceive even just one child? Many could not understand how difficult it could be for them, being deprived of the same joy that sadly some people overlook.

Trying to conceive is not an easy journey for those who have problems with their reproductive system. It can also be a very sensitive topic for them to talk about that sometimes they end up not sharing their own pain at all. Do you know someone or are you currently going through this predicament? Here are some tips to better understand your situation.

Know the cause
Couples often jump to conclusions on what caused their infertility. The best chance to get into the root cause is to be open with your doctor. Tell them the whole situation and follow what is asked of you. Tests given will show whether it is female or male factor infertility. From here, you will be able to decide which step to take next. If you are not comfortable with your current doctor, then by all means, find a new one. Think of your doctor as your confidant, someone you can open up to with no complexity.

Know your options
After your tests, the doctor will be able to identify what caused your infertility. Listen to the doctor's suggestions and try to look into other options as well. The common treatments for such cases are taking tablets assisting ovulation if the cause is female infertility, Intrauterine Insemination and In-vitro Fertilization. Always remember that the more complicated your situation is, the bigger budget you need. Balance your options with your financial means and always discuss it with your partner thoroughly before deciding which preference to choose.

Prepare yourself for different possibilities
Trying to conceive, alone, is a heavy burden to ones emotional baggage, but it is even more disheartening when your chosen option failed. Couples often forget that there are no guarantees in every chance they take. It is your decision to succumb or grab those odds and keep trying. Every failure is definitely heartbreaking. But do know that in every fall, we learn to pick ourselves up.

Realize your own worth
Depression is common for people who have been trying to conceive, especially after a painful breakdown. It is absolutely fine to lament, but some people have the tendency to blame themselves for these failures. If you find yourself stuck here, try to think of the good aspects you have in your life. What other things have you achieved that other people may have difficulty in having? Once this lightens you up, learn to forgive yourself for whatever guilt you have in mind and try again.

Talk about it
Not just to anyone, but someone whom you truly believe will not criticize nor gossip about your situation to other people. Look no further, your partner is there. Your spouse will support you and will balance the load you have in your heart. Be open to everything you have at the back of your mind. A good long talk will give you a huge relief. Your journey on trying to conceive is a very touchy subject but trying to keep everything to yourself will only bring you stress, and this, will not do any good. Relax and speak your mind if you need to.

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