Pamper Day in Harrogate on Your Hen Weekend

As well as getting together with your friend on your hen weekend and having fun, you should also make room for some "me" time, and there's no better way to do that than by having a whole day in a spa. This is one of the most popular activities to do on a hen weekend and there's no wonder why. After working hard day in day out, you need to make sure you have time to spoil yourself and if you can't do that with your best mates on your hen weekend then when can you do it? Don't think that it's all about relaxation however, you also need to find time to party on your hen night, so we recommend that if you're looking for a great pamper and party location you look no further than the beautiful spa town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. Not only is it famous for its rejuvenating spa waters, it also has plenty of places to entertain you on the evening!

Why choose a spa day on your hen weekend?

Let's think about it, you've got a wedding to plan, you've been rushing round venues making all the arrangements (unless you have a husband to be who is just marvellous!), and as well as making sure your table favours are arriving on time and the seating cushions are the correct design, you might be squeezing in a full time job as well. It's enough to make anyone exhausted, so if you're looking for a hen weekend that is more rest and relaxation than rock and roll, a pamper day with your closest girlies is the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of everyday life.

What you can do

Each spa will have slightly different facilities, so it's worth checking out what is available before you book anything. You might want somewhere with a pool and a Jacuzzi to soak your stresses away, or relax and unwind in the soothing atmosphere of a hot sauna and steam room. You and your friends may be able to eat at the spa and have a lunch provided, or pool side snacks and drinks to help you chill out as  you catch up on each other's news.

The Treatments

Let's not forget ladies, that you're there to be indulged to spoil yourself with a treatment or two! From facials, to pedicures to all over body massages, most spas have delightful pampering treatments that will soothe, beautify or invigorate you!

Why Harrogate?

As a relaxing location, Harrogate is perfect, it is famous for its spa waters which contain iron, sulphur and common salt. In the 17th and 18th century, these were very popular as a health treatment. We've moved on since then, but Harrogate remains a popular location for spas to there are plenty of places to choose from. Not only that, but there are some delightful places to go to on an evening once you have spent the day relaxing.

Where to go in Harrogate on a night out?

If you want to continue your day of luxury, then think about visiting the Lure Luxe Bar, a wonderfully elegant bar, just off Parliament Street on The Ginnel. If you head to the area surrounded by Parliament Street, Montpelier gardens and Montpelier Hill you will find a cluster of evening night spots perfect for hungry and thirsty hens! On Montpelier Parade you'll find recognised chain bars like The Slug and Lettuce, and Hedley's Wine Bar. Further towards Montpelier gardens you'll find your lively nightspots like the Revolution Vodka Bar, and Montey's rock cafĂ©. Closer to the station along John Street you'll find a scattering of pubs away from the main centre which still offer a good time like The Pitcher and Piano and the Banyan Bar. 

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