California - The Life of United States

California is the third largest area-wise and the most populated state of the United States of America. It shares it's boundaries with Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Baja California and with the Pacific Ocean. It also houses the four largest cities in US including San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego and Los Angeles. The state is known for its diverse features.

This diversification is even seen in the geographical feature of the state. From the Sierra Nevada mountain range to the Mojave Desert, the state has both the extremes. The state also has a thick Fir forest called the Redwood-Douglas forest. California has the most productive agricultural spot of the world called as the Central Valley. The state also boasts of the Highest and the lowest point of the whole of the United States of America.

Added to the United States in the year of 1850 as the 31st state, California has a glorious history attached to it. In the early 19th century, the state became the center of the Gold rush bringing about a boom in the economic situation of the state. By 20th century, Los Angeles developed into the vortex of the country's entertainment center. The State now has heavy contributions to the country's tourism, agricultural, information technology, aerospace and petroleum industries.

California has a diversified climate too. The state has climates ranging from Mediterranean to subarctic temperatures. The coastal areas have rather balmy climates, while the inland state experiences the extreme of the climates. The northern part of the state experiences heavy rainfalls whereas the eastern part housing the Mojave Desert is the driest part of the state. Also the desert of Death Valley is the hottest location in whole of the North American continent.

The diversity is seen in the cultural practices of the state too. It is basically a melting pot with lots of immigrants from East Asia and Latin America. With no uniform religion and with alternative lifestyle being practiced, California is regarded as the more liberal state of the United States of America. The Gold rush of 1900s not only brought the nickname Ć¢EURoeThe Golden State to the city but also a new bloom in the technological, economical and social state of California. The state has about 58 counties and 480 cities. Sacramento is the first city of California followed by San Jose, San Diego and Benicia. The states population lives in the major cities of the state.

San Francisco is the major hot spot of California because of it unique landscape. The joy of visiting this city lies in the travel across the roads enjoying the landscape. Los Angeles with its gastronomical fare and world's richest nightlife is the commercial capital of the state. Universal Studios and Disneyland ensure that most of the visit to California is taken up by these two places. The Napa Valley with its world's best wineries is a paradise for wine lovers. If one wants a glimpse of Hollywood stars, one can always take a walk along the Santa Monica beaches.

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