Mistakes of Bosses: How Your Employees' Motivation Can Be Killed

One of the basic aims of any supervisor is to keep company employees satisfied about their job. In fact, a person who is just starting a career in a new company expects a lot from it and is eager to contribute to its goals. A wise manager should not let the initial enthusiasm be reduced. Look through the list of bad boss's mistakes. Ask yourself if you have made any of them.

Your employees are treated like inexperienced kids. You refuse to accept the fact that they are adults who manage their own everyday lives, take decisions, etc. A lot of supervisors do interfere with employees' work coming up with obvious and unnecessary remarks.

The whole team can be punished for the mistakes of one member. And it's a wrong policy to carry out. Why should the whole bunch of people experience policy changes? The only reasonable way to handle problems like this is to take individual measures.

Employees' mistakes are exaggerated and positive feedback is not provided. Although mistakes should be paid attention to, nothing destroys employees' motivation to work more than the feeling they are constantly doing everything wrong. Try to cheer people up and encourage them to move on.

Employees are not treated equally at work. There are those who get all benefits and approval and those who are underestimated.

Employees' creativity is unwelcome. Although not every idea of an employee is bright and worth paying attention to, you should appreciate initiative individuals. You can collect ideas, writhing them down and storing them in some kind of a 'bank'. It's highly probable that even something that seems absurd at the moment will help you in the future.

Employees can not influence their boss's decision. The boss's authority is unlimited. Although a boss has got the right of a final decision, employees' opinion should be taken into a consideration.

Employees are not let to talk at company meetings. It's the boss who does most of the talking at daily or weekly meetings. Employees feel they have no control of the situation and can't influence anything.

Employees' private information can be spread around the company. Having confided in the manager, an employee is not safe from being gossiped about because the secret will be shared with everybody.

Goals set for employees are impossible to reach. Those people who set the goals are not aware of how much time and effort fulfilling all tasks requires.

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