Expert Father of the Bride Speech Ideas - Say the Right Words at the Right Time

One of many wedding traditions is a speech given by the father of the bride. The speech is typically delivered during the wedding reception. A champagne toast traditionally follows the speech. The bride's father is usually the first speech given during the reception. It is one of the most important speeches the new couple will hear. A father is recognized as the head of the family, and it is an honor for them to be able to give the first speech.

A father of the bride speech is a father's way of saying good-bye to his little girl and welcoming a new son-in-law into the family. The speeches should be kept relatively short in order to keep guests entertained. The speech may include a story about the bride's childhood or a special moment between the father and daughter. It is also important for the father to speak on behalf of the bride's mother as well. Well wishes for the new couple should also be included in the father of the bride speech. The dialogue should be kept natural to ensure it comes across sincere.

The tone of the father of the bride speech should be set according to the father's personality. If a father is generally a funny guy, a lighthearted speech is appropriate. Making jokes is a great way to try and lighten an emotional day for all parties involved. A more serious father may wish to make a more heartfelt speech. This type of a father of the bride speech is very moving and will most likely bring lots of tears.

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