Vacation in Croatia

Croatia, with the capital Zagreb, is a beautiful country shape like boomerang, the land of a thousand islands. It abounds in natural beauty, rich culture and tradition. Warm people, affordable prices, warm, clean and blue sea, beautiful towns, idyllic villages are a pleasure for everyone. Unforgettable beautiful national parks, sunshine, excellent and delicious food and drink, entertainment, all worth a visit to Croatia. In Croatia you can visit a lot of museums and galleries, attend many festivals and a wide palette of events: music, folklore, carnival. American magazine National Geographic Adventure put Croatia on the list of destinations that "must be visited in the next year."

Did you know?

- Ties are considered an original Croatian product, spread to Europe in the 17th century through the Croatian troops, which has become a recognizable fashion accessory.
-The first mechanical pencil in the world patented 24th January 1906th year by a Croatian inventor.
-The smallest town in the world is Hum in Istria.
-Did you know that Agatha Christie spent her honeymoon in Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful Croatian town.
-Did you know that Marco Polo, famous world explorer, was born in 1254 on the island of Korcula.

General information:

4,437,460 inhabitants

Official language:


System of government:
Multi-party parliamentary republic.

Capital city: Zagreb, the economic, traffic, cultural and academic center of the country.

Highest peak:
Dinara, 1,831 m above sea level

If you don't know where you want go for your next vacation, Croatia can be your perfect destination!

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