Getting On With a Boss Is Easy

Getting on well with a boss is important. It can define the whole development of your career. There is no need to love a boss in the direct sense of the word, but what really matters is if you have managed to establish positive working relationships with him / her. Here you can find tips how to turn your boss into an ally.

1. Be Trustworthy
Don't miss deadlines and don't go back on your promises. Be honest and don't let your boss be surprised in an unpleasant way when he / she learns you haven't informed him / her about something important.

2. Stay At Call
Find out what your boss's goals and needs are. Offer your assistance to him / her. Let your boss know you are reliable and can challenge yourself with difficult tasks.

3. Concentrate on the Boss's Positive Features
Any person has got both positive and negative features, and like any person, a boss deserves to be treated well. There must be at least something your boss is good at, mention it in a conversation. Treat him / her the way you'd like to be treated.

4. Don't Try to Change Your Boss's Working Style
Working style of every individual is being formed during years. There is no point in trying to influence someone, it may only lead to conflicts and misunderstanding. What you really need is to learn your boss's preferences and habits and adjust to them.

5. Respond to Your Boss's Moods
Be flexible, become a psychologist. Learn when it's time to talk and when it's better not disturb him / her. Even if you want to share a bright idea or good news, this may have no effect if you choose the wrong time to talk.

6. Don't Stop Learning
No matter what your boss is like, there must be something he / she can teach you. Ask him / her for advice, remember that only those who have prominent features can be gained promotions in a company.

7. Let Your Boss Be Your Feedback Provider
Any person needs to get feedback at work from time to time. If someone mentors you and evaluates your achievements, it will help you build your self-assessment and identify further goals.

8. Don't Waste His / Her Time
Whenever you have to meet your boss for a conversation, prepare a list of issues to discuss.

9. Be Able to Disagree
Even though your opinion may be just the opposite to your boss's one, you may feel angry and irritated, try to control your emotions. There is no good in both confronting your boss openly and being a 'yes-man' gossiping behind his / her back. Feel free to express your opinion in a decent and polite form. This will only bring you the boss's respect.

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