6 Things to Chew On BEFORE You Hire

You can't be an A-Level company if you hire B-Level players.

And the truth is that hiring B-Level players can cost you a bucket of money.

A ton of anxiety and heartache.

AND be a drain on the time, energy and resources of your company.

(If you've ever hired the wrong person... keep reading cause' this one's for you.)

I had the chance to chat with a dozen successful business owners last week.

Their #1 concern?

Hiring the right people.

Each of them shared a few horrific, (if not funny), challenges they've had when it came to putting the right person in the proverbial chair. Here's just a glimpse of what I heard:

- Employee theft

- Showing up late (if at all!)

- Moonlighting - (i.e. snagging customers)

- Bad attitude, drama, gossip, etc.

So what's the fix?

I wish it were as simple as "stop hiring B-Level players."

But you and I both know it's deeper than that.

Here are 6 things to chew on BEFORE you add to your team:

#1. Take a good look at your leadership style and abilities.

Many people could be a good hire if you were a stronger leader. (Sorry, but it's true.) It's foolish to think you can bring someone on and turn them loose with no training, support and/or accountability. BEFORE you decide to hire, get uber clear on duties, responsibilities, and how much time you can devote to their training.

#2. Don't hire someone like YOU.

If you're a type A personality, you don't necessarily need another type A to support you. You likely need someone who is task driven and detail oriented. Hire people who compliment YOUR skill-set. (Or the skill set of your employees.)

#3. Employ personality and/or skills testing BEFORE you hire.

There are many to choose from. Any pre-testing you invest in is well worth the expense.

#4. Assign metrics.

I've worked with small business owners who flip out when I ask them to assign key performance indicators to a position. KPIs are measurements that help you track if your employees are reaching goals that in turn, help you meet YOUR business goals. (Think profitability, number of customers, budget management, sales, etc.) KPIs can also be used to REWARD your team for a job well done.

#5. Trust your instincts.

I'd like to pretend that you don't have a "gut feeling" about a potential new hire but you do. If it doesn't seem right, back way, turn around and RUN. Your gut doesn't lie.

#6. Be a Leader.

Your team needs you to show them the way. SO DO IT. You signed up for leadership, (knowingly or not), when you decided to grow your business. If you need to further YOUR skills, get help. Hire a coach. Find a mentor. There's no shame is asking for support.

Building an A-Level company starts with YOU. And it includes surrounding yourself with people who will help carry out YOUR vision. So take your time. Be methodical. Listen to your instincts. Invest in your development and the process. As the owner, no one stands to benefit more than you.

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