Choose a Cruise to Tunisia

Sun, sea, sand and good times are four things you associate with cruises - and they are all on offer to those of you who sail around Tunisia.

Cruise holidays to this north African nation promise to take you on a journey that incorporates many historical sights, as well as up-to-date resorts, making this part of the world such an attractive vacation destination.

Tunisia has around 1,200 km of fantastic coastline, which is broken up by some accommodating and popular resorts.

People come from all over the world to sample the famous African hospitality at hotspots such as Monastir, Sousse and the Isle of Djerba.

Finding a last-minute cruise deal or booking a trip to Tunisia well in advance will provide you with a ticket to experience the eclectic mix of different cultures there, which have developed due to the various rulers of the country over the years.

Visitors will be able to witness the influences of the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans, French and others, who have all been in charge of this conveniently-located northern African nation in the Mediterranean Sea.

Places to see

Many people head to Monastir each year to enjoy the typically hot climate and wide range of tourist attractions.

Whether it is the plethora of water sports on offer, vast sandy beaches or the tasty food served in the coastal resort's bars and restaurants, there are plenty of incentives to visit this holiday haven.

Sousse on the east coast prides itself on its seafood and other delightful dishes, while a holiday there in July and August would coincide with its exciting international festival, which really brings the place to life.

Meanwhile, Djerba - located in the Gulf of Gabes - has various seafood restaurants to visit, as well as a wide range of local establishments selling local wares that are sure to make for fantastic gifts or souvenirs.

As well as purchasing the pottery, carpets and jewellery on offer, you will be able to entertain yourself with the awe-inspiring coastal views and intriguing Roman sites.

Costa Cruises

Plenty of companies allow you to take cruises to Tunisia, but make sure you check out Costa Cruise deals before paying for your trip.

The firm says that people who visit the country are "enchanted by the wonderful scenery and the hospitality of the people".

Why not head there today to see what Costa Cruises means?

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